(Last Updated On: October 16, 2019)

Vibration not working on my phone

Hello everyone. Today i’m going tell you how to fix Fix Vibrate not working

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——>  You must know these tricks on android <——


Turn on the Vibrate.

Read – Why is my battery dying so fast? 15 answersMake sure whether vibrate is turn on through the setting,

1.Go to setting.
2. Go to Sound.
3. See whether vibrate is turn on.

Restart the phone.

Restart your phone for one min. If you can remove the battery, remove.. Then turn on the phone. Now dial #0# and check.

Dial *#0*#

also read How to Delete all pending friends requests. Dial #0# check whether your vibrate Motor is ok. Also you can check Speakers, Camera, Touch, frequency, Colors

1.Dial *#0*#
2. Click the Vibrate

Wipe cache

also read fix your phone getting overheat -14 Reasons and answersMaybe this happens because of your cache. So delete them manually. Don’t worry. There is no big deal. Follow me

1.Turn off the phone.
2. Press and hold the Volume up key, Home key and Power key till the Vibrate.
3. Choose the “wipe your phone”
4. Do it.

Update Software

Update is more important thing when using a phone. When you update your phone OS also it helps to speed up your phone.

Dial *#9900#

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Format the Phone

Above things didn’t help? Then Reset your phone. Reset Sound is BIG?  Don’t worry; your data will not lose. Click here


Above methods all are not working?  Its mean; your phone has a hardware problem. So repair it.