(Last Updated On: March 18, 2024)

Serhiy Tokarev, a renowned entrepreneur, co-founder of Roosh and the initiator of the STEM is FEM project, draws attention to the importance of women’s participation in the reconstruction of Ukraine. He emphasizes that successful urban development requires taking into account the needs of both genders. Proposals and initiatives aimed at improving the living and working conditions of women will contribute not only to their well-being but also to business growth, the creation of a more inclusive environment, and strengthening social equality in society.

Cities for men

Serhiy Tokarev highlights the fact that most cities, especially in Ukraine, were created and developed taking into account the needs and priorities of men. In historical contexts where social roles were rigidly defined and stereotypes played an important role, architects, predominantly male, focused on creating infrastructure that promoted economic growth. They also made key decisions on the construction and management of cities. At the same time, women’s needs were often secondary or even ignored.

When discussing the development of modern cities, attention is mainly paid to the development of road infrastructure, and the creation of business centers and shopping areas aimed at the convenience of men. However, this often ignores the needs of pedestrians, neighborhood safety, and overall inclusion. This approach, according to many, does not sufficiently take into account the diversity of the population and reduces the level of comfort of life for city residents.

Urban planning requires taking into account the interests of various parties, and Serhiy Tokarev encountered this several years ago when preparing a large-scale event on the relocation process. His company conducted research that included a comparative analysis of various aspects such as the economic situation, tax laws, and general comfort for living and working to better understand the needs of its employees—developers and their families—in the event of a possible relocation. This highlights the importance of taking into account the interests of all stakeholders when developing urban strategies.

In the housing construction industry, there is significant diversity in the preferences of men and women. While men usually do not think about the details of infrastructure, women focus on the safety, ecology, and accessibility of infrastructure. Serhiy Tokarev emphasizes that these needs seem logical, but Ukrainian developers, unfortunately, often ignore them in the pursuit of maximum profit. However, the development of infrastructure and the creation of safe zones increase the attractiveness of projects and their cost, which can attract the attention of not only IT specialists but also other categories of buyers.

Women and Urban Space

Of course, the role of women in the process of restoration and development of Ukraine is becoming increasingly visible and important. Leading women’s organizations and initiatives are actively working to introduce new approaches to urban planning that take into account the needs of diverse populations, including women and children.

Thanks to the active role of women in public organizations and government agencies, their voice is increasingly heard in decisions about urban development and reconstruction.

The UNITY (“Mriemo ta diemo”) program is a prime example of a successful initiative aimed at involving girls in urban planning. By providing them with free training and active participation in the design of future urban spaces, the program not only develops the creativity of participants but also creates the basis for the formation of inclusive and sustainable urban environments.

Thus, the joint efforts of women and urban planning professionals play a key role in creating an inclusive, safe, and convenient environment for all citizens of Ukraine, contributing to the development of civil society and ensuring sustainable socio-economic development of the country.