(Last Updated On: March 20, 2024)

We have observed a consistent increase in remote desktop services across the professional scale. From official purposes to home-based needs, people have been searching for a proper remote connection service that can help them review the other screen remotely. This article will discuss remote desktop operations and work out the details of remotely connecting to a PC.

Part 1. Explaining the Functioning of Remote Desktop

For a layman, the simple explanation of a remote desktop is allowing a computer to access another computer, just like the individual is sitting in front of it. This exclusive experience is established with remote desktop software that notes the basic keystrokes and movements. 

In this connection, there are two entities involved that complete it. The controlling device, the client, connects with the host device, which the former device controls. This forms the entire remote connection, after which the client reviews the operations across the host device. This operation is beneficial as it helps avoid commuting to a different location to use the device.

Part 2. Remote Control PC: A Comprehensive Tutorial for Remote Access

There are many contenders appearing in the market offering remote access for connecting desktops. However, Avica Remote Desktop has emerged as a progressive remote desktop service that helps establish a proper connection between desktops, smartphones, and vice versa. It offers an exclusive user experience while ensuring a secure and seamless remote connection.

Amidst many remote access services, Avica provides a user-friendly interface that helps users engage with creativity and improve their workflow. It comes with industry-grade security protocols, which help establish secure remote access to the PC.  

Key Features of Avica Remote Desktop

To help understand more about the features of Avica, we have listed down the prominent pointers with proper explanation:

  • Multi-Monitor Connection: Avica provides a dedicated service for connecting with multiple monitors at the same time. It not only connects but also works across multiple monitors at the same time.
  • Gamepad Connectivity: You can connect up to 4 game controllers through Avica, which changes your gaming experience. The legless gaming experience through Avica encourages many gamers to utilize its service.
  • Privacy Mode: To secure the activity of the user during the remote connection, you can block people by changing the device’s screen to black.

Simplified How-To Guide to Learn How to Build a Remote Connection with Avica

Even a newbie can use this remote desktop software to remote control their office or home computer without complications. Go through these simplified step-by-step instructions to remote control PC:

1. Get the latest version of Avica installed on both devices and create your Avica account using your email, Google, or Apple account.

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2. Toggle on the “Allow remote access to this device via your credentials” option on your remote device and take note of the “Avica ID” and “Password.”

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3. Continue by accessing the client device, enter the remote device’s Avica ID in the “Remote Session” section, and press the “Connect” button.

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4. Following this, confirm your remote connection by providing the Password of the host device and clicking the “Connect” button. This will establish the connection between the client and the host device with ultra-low latency.

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Part 3. Mastering Remote Access: How to Control Computer from Your Phone

Avica can even help you remote control your computer with the help of a smartphone to increase productivity and remove the dependency of having another local device. Follow the step-by-step guide provided below to remote control your host device using a phone:

1. Install Avica app on both computer and phone and use the same instructions provided in the previous to set up the account. Next, you have to enable the “Allow remote access to this device via your credentials” option on your host device to copy the Avica ID and Password.

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2. Launch the Avica app on your smartphone and type the Avica ID in the “Remote Connection” section by accessing the “Remote Control” tab. Then, tap on the “Connect” button to start establishing the connection.

3. Following this, provide the temporary password of your remote device and tap on the “Connect” button to establish the connection between the client phone and the remote computer.


This article has covered the basics of remote desktop connection and other essential details. Furthermore, it has guided readers on the perfect remote desktop software, Avica, which executes remote connections between the host and client devices.