(Last Updated On: March 22, 2024)

Every business needs a website to increase its brand awareness and visibility, showcase its products or services, and generate leads. The design of the website, however, plays a critical role in attracting visitors. A whopping 94% of users leave a website because of its low-quality design. 

Your business won’t benefit much if your website fails to make a good impression, regardless of how good your products or services are. However, web design is constantly evolving. Elements that were in vogue last year are considered outdated today. 

Last year, brands impressed their website visitors through maxed-out menus, minimalism, pastel palettes, and 3D designs. But what’s in store for this year? That’s what we’ll discuss here. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into some of the top emerging web design trends for 2024.

#1 No-Code AI-Powered Web Design Tools  

It’s been a little over a year since ChatGPT made its entry into the market, and it has, of course, revolutionized the way we work. Like it or not, artificial intelligence (AI) is slowly yet steadily becoming a part of the digital world. 

This year, no-code AI-powered web design tools will be on the rise. Marketers and business owners can create fully functional and responsive websites without requiring traditional coding skills. 

No-code AI-powered web design tools employ advanced algorithms to create visually appealing websites with pixel-perfect precision. Hocoos is an excellent example of a no-code web design tool. This AI-powered website builder is simple and easy to use. You can create a business-ready website from scratch within a few minutes. 

These tools are often integrated with smart, though easy-to-use, editors so that you can make changes in real time. From color palettes to different fonts, you can edit your AI-generated website as you want. Besides cost, no-code AI-powered website design tools save a lot of time. 

#2 Bento Grid Layouts 

The Bento layout is a game-changer because it helps organize a website’s content into chic sections. Each compartment offers a dedicated space to highlight or flaunt a specific feature of your business. 

Bento grids in UI/UX design are an excellent way to showcase an array of content—whether that is text, images, or a blend of different media. This incredibly adaptive layout makes a website neat, tidy, and visually appealing by presenting a wealth of information in an orderly fashion. This way, users can effortlessly find anything they want. 

It’s often believed that this layout exploded in popularity after Apple, the industry giant, embraced it to showcase the iPhone 14 Pro and its Apple Card service. 

Bento grid layouts, focusing on squares and rectangles, create cute and playful aesthetics, adding a unique and charming touch to the overall design. Thus, they will leave a lasting impression on the minds of your visitors. 

#3 Text-Only Heroes

Quality hero images are the fastest way to grab website visitors’ attention. But text-only heroes are becoming a popular alternative. These can be just as visually stimulating as videos and images. 

Text-only heroes have been popular for quite some time, and it’s expected to grow strong in 2024. Where every other website features an eye-catching hero image, you can stand out from the crowd and use a typographic hero. Believe us, your visitors will remember your website because of the one-of-a-kind hero section. 

#4 Playful Cursors 

Animated cursors are replacing traditional static cursors. Expect to see cursors with playful or modern twists more in 2024. That is because web designers are incorporating animations into cursors for a dynamic and immersive online experience. These cursors add a sense of playfulness and interactivity to the websites, making visitors’ experiences memorable and enjoyable. 

From interactive animations that follow the cursor’s movement to revealing the text when hovered over it, there is an array of options to delight them. Adding a playful element to your website’s cursor will delight your users and keep them hooked. 

Yukie Nail New York, Flixxo, BLKOUT, and Sarto Bikes are some brands that opted for playful cursors instead of traditional ones. 

#5 Custom Illustrations

Images have always been a major part of web design. Some opt for stock images, whereas others prefer hiring a photographer or capturing photos on their own. 

Cookie-cutter stock graphics, however, are taking a backseat, and custom illustrations are anticipated to lead the way. These elements go beyond aesthetics. They convey your brand’s narrative, add a personal touch to the website, and make the content more relatable and engaging. 

Their popularity could be attributed to the rise of AI-generated images, which allow people to create bespoke illustration-style pictures. 

To wrap things up, the future of web design is all about creating engaging, meaningful, and intuitive experiences for users. 

However, these five aren’t the only trends you’ll see in 2024. Many more trends are expected to dominate the web design world this year. Some of them include large or oversized texts, denser, richer graphics, parallax scrolling, and gradient color schemes. Irrespective of the trend you decide to follow, keep the key principles of web design in mind, and you won’t go wrong.