My phone’s camera “Blank Screen”

How to fix Camera screen black – in this case, we can use 3 solutions. It depending on your phone status.


If your phone is not responding anymore?
Then turn off your phone. Remove the Battery for two minute and turn on the phone.


1. Go to Setting.
2. Go to application manager.
3. Go to “RUNNING” Applications.
4. Clean Ram (Depending your phone Cleaning Ram is Deference.                  may be there is button unless  you have to stop one by one)

  1. Virus Apps – If you Suspect this happen because of installing app. Then

1. Go to setting.
2. Go to Application Manager.
3. View as Download applications.
4. Find that you Suspect application from there and Click it.
5. Click “Uninstall”.

  1. Any of this does not help you? Then there are two Solution “Soft RESET and HARD RESET”

How to Factory Reset your phoneClick Here
How to Force Factory Reset your phone Click Here
VIDEO – How to Force Factory Reset your phone Click Here

All these are not help you, then you have one of these problem.

1.Low battery
2. Flash is turn off itself
3. Need Update
4. If you use third party camera app? Then it is not capable for your phone’s              hardware.
5. Physical damage
6. Phone’s Camera IC might be fatly

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