How to Delete all pending friends requests at once

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Many ones block in the facebook due to sent more requests. Normally, First time is blocked for a day. 2nd time is blocked for 3 days. 3rd time is blocked for 7 days. 4th time is blocked for 14 days. 5th time is blocked for 30 days.

It happens like this because the amount of requests you sent when doesn’t accept. So you have to undo requests which doesn’t accept. I know that now you see how do this ? I’ll tell the way.

3 Methods For Deleting Pending Friends Requests

1. Install an extension to chrome Delete all pending friends requests  ( all undo by one click)

2. By this link Undo Friends Requests (I recommend this for you )

3. By this Link – Undo Friends requests (click “View Sent Requests” in the Top of the Page)

When you go there click undo which pending requests.  Now your problem is solved, isn’t it ? If you have any question please ask.. If this  guide line was help, then please share this guide line to Facebook and twitter. Help others to find out this guide line on Facebook. If you have an any doubt or any problem, don’t hesitate feel free to reply. After then we are able to help you as well as be sure to bookmark our site on your browser.

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