(Last Updated On: October 16, 2019)

How to factory reset android phone

How to reset android phone from Computer  Click

In this article we perform

How to reset android phone

how to factory reset samsung grand prime

In this, you can know how to Factory Reset Your android Phone Correctly.

Why we want to Factory reset android phone?


1. Phone is slow.
2. Auto Restarting
3. Phone not passes the Startup
4. Some Apps are Not Working
5. Auto Disconnecting Network
6. Stucking
7. error msgs

When we Factory Format our android phone, all data ( contacts, pictures, Videos all are deleted)  if you want to save these data you can backup Your Data.. So don’t Worry.. For this, you have to set Gmail account for your phone (backup account)

We can Back up these thing Using  Google Account

Wi-Fi Settings
Paid apps
Apps setting
Date and Time
Sleep Times

We have 2 options for factory reset the Our Android Phone.
1. Normal Reset (through the phone setting)
2. Boot Option  (when badly infected virus)

  1.  you have to go your app..

2015-07-10 07.49.56


      2. go to the setting
2015-07-10 07.51.44

  1. go backup and reset (a something like)

2015-07-10 07.52.23

how to factory reset samsung grand prime
how to factory reset samsung grand prime


Enter  password or PIN if requested

If you reset your mobile because virus. We recommend untik and factory reset (then all Data will be deleted – pictures, contacts

If you tik for “back up my phone”, reset your phone but restore your apps data (whatsapp msg), passwords..
If you tik “automatic restore”, Automatically reinstall your all apps after reset, and data also will be restore

2015-07-10 07.54.02

  1. Reset Device

If not work?

then try to reset from computer 

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