Camera – Suddenly closing without any error message

Camera – Suddenly closing without any error message- Can’t say what is the definite error but we can do this thing to solve this problem, follow these 2 solutions in below.

  1. When you faced this kind of problem from any part of your phone. Firstly, you should Reboot (restart) the phone and see have it ok? Most of times “Reboot “help Solve to problems

1. Hold on power key.
2. Choose “Restart”


  1. After Restarting, It does not help you? Then clean your phone Camera application’s data. (Not include any photos or Videos only Clean camera apps data) If it sound is uncommon but It’s simple.
    Follow me1. Go to your Samsung phone’s setting.
    2. Find “application management”
    3. Go “All Apps”
    4. Find “Camera Application.
    5. Click “Clear Data”.
    6. Click “Clear cache”.
    7. then finally, Click “Force Stop”

Now your camera Apps data all was deleted. Trust me. Now you phone’s Camera work. Am I right?

Unfortunately it is does not work?

1.You have to use third party app. something like Google Camera, Candy Camp.
2. Hard Factory reset your phone.

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