(Last Updated On: October 16, 2019)

Force Reset Android Phone

Reset android phone from Computer  Click

why we choose Force reset option?

If you’re having problems with your touch screen
How to Force Reset Android Phone

if You can’t touch your screen, then you can’t reset. so this option help you

If your Phone not  get Start
How to Force Reset Android Phone f your phone doen’t turn on you can’t do usual reset way.So if you have this problem this is the way will be very important you

If you think that your phone deeply damaged by Virus
if your phone have any malware and malicious apps

If you can’t Remember your PIN
🙂 Don’t worry. you can reset without PIN

If you can’t do reset options through the smartphone phone


If you Have These One Of problem then this is the way to Reset You phone


  1. Turn off your phone
    (turn off your phone by pressing power key)
  2. Hold the power button, home and volume UP key. (Till the Vibrate)
    (By pressing down and up volumes keys you can choose what option you want)DSC_0033
  3.  Choose the “factory reset” / EMM option.
  4. Then you can see “Yes — Delete All User Data option” (“enter” by pressing power button)DSC_00320
  5. Press the power key. Then automatically start formatting and Restart

Take somemoment (-2min) for reseting so please wait. after restart, choose your language,Set time (select Time zone), tik Agree- for the samsung privacy, add your google account,sign in samsung account.

That’s all. Now you can use your phone with the highest speed

If you have any error please watch my “phone resetting video” video

If not work?

then try to reset from computer 

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