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How to reset android phone from PC, using Android ADB tools

♥ Note-  What is the Stock & Custom Rom? Firmware? Bootloader?

What is the “ADB tools”?

ADB stand for android Debug bridge, and it can control your any android (Mobile phones and tablets) device over USB from a your computer or laptop. It can installs applications, it can uninstall uninstallable applications in your device and it is capable of running shell commands and copy files back and forth,

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How to Install ADB tools?

You can get setup files from official site of android developer, direct link for ADB – Android ADB tools
ADB come 1GB package setup, but we only need ADB SDK so it’s only 150MB.

How to Install ADB tools?

If you use Windows then click windows.exe.
If you use MAC OS then click macosx.cip.
If you use Linux then click Linux.tgz.

Download and install.

Be sure to remember path of Android SDK tools. It will important for you when open Command line.

How to Install ADB tools?

While it’s installing, it may required JAVA. There is link for it if not click this 

After installed JAVA, continue installation of ADB tools.  Only we want Tools, and extras. So put tiks for only them and install.

How to reset android phone from pc

How to reset android phone from computer

♥ Note-  What is the Stock & Custom Rom? Firmware? Bootloader?

  1. After installing completed, connect your android device to computer or laptop using USB cables. And check it whether it connected correctly Using Device manager.

Why when phone connect to computer, command prompt says “unauthorized device”?

  1. How have to switch on debug mood in phone. For switch on, go to setting in your phone. And go to “developer options” put a tik for “USB debugging” it will pop box, click Ok.

What is the code for resetting android phone from command line?

  1. Open the CMD-Command prompt. And go to Android SDK tools folder through the CMD to go type this code On CMD.
  2. “C:\Cd program files\android\android sdk\appdata\local\android\android-sdk\platform-tooles”
  3. Now enter and type this also “adb reboot recovery”

If you want simple knowledge of CMD codes about how go back, forward or delete folder, copy folder. Then go to this lick

After this command “adb reboot recovery” you can see your phone restart. And it will show you recovery mood.

How to reset android phone from pc

How to use/ and how to go recovery mood in android

  1. After doing above step, you automatically come to recovery mood. Go ahead.
  2. Choose Wipe data factory reset. You can use volume key to move down and move up. And power can select what your option. This can be different depending on your device. If different please look normal reset. You can get ideas from this
  3. Second step, choose “YES – delete all data” and confirm this. After click all data will be lost so be sure to get backup before doing this
  4. You can also delete cache partitions. Caches data is temporary memory in your android device. And it will not delete any personal data.
  5. After restart you phone, adjust time and time zone. That is it.

Again we mention you to get backup before doing this.

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