Tips for Android

  1. 1. What is Stock & Custom Rom? Firmware? Bootloader?
    2. How to format my phone (2 methods).
    3. How to Hide File or Folder without application.
    4. General profile mood to silent mood vice versa.
    5. Start or end the Call pressing Button.
    6. How to Root My Phone.
    7. Track your lost phone.
    8. How to Force Restart – Reboot my phone.
    9. What is my Android version.
    10. What to do when application doesn’t work.
    11. How to Recover Memory Card using CMD .

    12. How to Control PC from android phone.
    13. My phone is damn slow.
    Reset android phone from computer
    15 . How to take a screenshot on my phone.
  1. How to take a screenshot on my phone

You all know how to get screenshot on Computer. We take screenshot on computer by pressing “priscr” key (print screenshot) and paste it to paint and save as JPEG format. But, How to get screen shot on my phone?  Actually it’s very easy method. Only thing you have to do press and hold power key and home key together. Then it will save in your gallery.

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  1. How to Format my Phone

There are 2 methods for resetting your phone. One is Normal and it performs on phone setting. Other one is Force Reset. It performs after you turn off the phone. choose your phone and go head with step by step pictures guide

Normal Reset Samsung and others  – Click
Hard / Force reset Samsung and others Click
HTC ResetClick
HTC Chinese phone Reset Click

Chinese all phones, Reset – Click
reset –  Lenovo phone  Click
reset Nokia Lumia phone
 – Click
———–>> Video Click

  1. How to Hide File or Folder without application

Step by step Guide for Hide Videos and Files on Android without app – Click here
I know you maybe surprise. As well as you will ….. Why I didn’t know this before.
It’s a very simple. You only have to do rename your file or folder. Like this.
Put a dot “.” Before the file or folder name


—————— How to get Deleted whatapp messages——————-

4. General Profile to Silent – vice versa

Sometime you maybe know how to do this. You don’t want go setting. There is shortcut button for Set general mood or silent mood. If you want silent your phone, then press volume down key until vibrate. If you want to General mood, then Press volume up key until full fill volume level.

5. Start or end the Call – by pressing Button

Android users face another problem is, when they are going to end the call, they have to wait until screen wake up. Unless phone been stuck. Then can’t end of the call, But don’t worry. So Android provide handy button for this. You can press Home key or Power key to end the call. You can turn on this feature through the phone setting.
Setting –> Accessibility –> (something like this- manage call answering/ending setting) then Choose what key you want.

6. How to Root My Phone

Root – simply we can say root is overcoming limitations that manufacture set on your android phone. Nowadays has trend, people root there phone and install ultimate option apps. Click Here

————-How to Hide “Last Seen” on whatapp and all other tricks————–

7. How to Track my lost phone

You can track your phone with Google Account. Find your phone in Google map. Also you can Remotely Force Ring the phone, Remotely Format your phone or Take a picture with your front cam. (You can take a picture who using your phone)

Erase data, Lock the phone, Reset the phone, Ring at full volume for 5 minutes


For this you must ad Google account in your phone, after then Search “Find my phone”

If you want to take a picture who use your phone this time, then install this application. Google direct download

8. How to Force Restart – Reboot my phone

When we use android phone, sometimes it gets strike. Don’t response to us or slow badly. In this time we can force reboot your phone. Then it start with fresh.

9. What is my Android Version?

I think this is very easy question, but maybe someone here doesn’t know how to find their version. This answer for them

Setting –> About Phone –> click the Android version triple –>Now you can your android version with animation

10. What to do when application doesn’t work

Simple case, Follow me. Setting –> Application manager –> Find the app doesn’t work properly –> Click {Force Stop + Clear data +Clear cache}

11. How to Recover Memory Card using CMD

You had better read this – How to Hide Files on android phone without any app

12. How to Control PC from android phone

you can control your laptop or computer from your smartphone. It is simple. here is 3 methods

You had better read this – Control PC from android phone

13. How to reset android phone from PC

you had better this post – Click

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