(Last Updated On: October 17, 2019)

What is Stock & Custom Rom? Firmware? Bootloader?

When you googled problem with your tablet or your smartphone, all web sites give you to phrases and words that you didn’t understand, like rooted,flash stock ROM, flash a custom ROM, Bootloder, Firmware, unlock the SIM, or anything like that sound, then this article is specially for you.

What is Stock & Custom ROM?

In computer, ROM stands for Read-Only Memory,  but in android world, that name is a bit misleading nowadays. Stock ROM or Custom ROM- “ROM” is basically the software that your smart or tablet device runs.

When you buy a LG phone, it looks and software differently than a Samsung phone. because they have unique and original android codes. But HTC LG SAMSUNG these all are android phones. but there rom is only different from others

What is Stock ROM?

Stock ROM– Stock ROM is Original ROM that your phone have. IF you buy a android phone. It have a Stock ROM. Stock ROM is default ROM.

customized by – These Stock ROMs are customized by phone companies So that time they give us Upgrade. “Kitkat to Lollipop Upgrade” to make their devices unique in looks, quality and features 

Warranty – Stock ROM does not avoid your warranty. One of the reasons that android people don’t go for Custom ROMs is warranty. If you install custom ROM then your warranty is canceled on time.

Premium Apps – Premium apps is which you did not install apps.  Normally stock ROMs come with unique premium apps to attract customers. These premium apps differ from one mobile vendor to another vendor. These apps can be anything like music players, apps stores, widgets, Track-ID (Sony) , S voice (Samsung)

Security– in stock ROM, You can be sure that it does not contain/include any spywares, malwares, backdoor,trojan or other malicious tools but Custom Rom

What is Custom ROM?

Custom ROM–  custom Rom is not developed/ provided by vendor / the manufacturer. but by someone else or company. like CyanogenMod, PAC-ROM, OmniROM,AOKP and other custom ROMs develope and maintain by community and its contributors. 

Why Custom ROM – develop to make it faster, provide better battery-life or add new features.

Warranty-  If you install custom ROM then your warranty is canceled on time.

What is the Flashing?

Flashing means to load, install or move current version and install new Custom or Stock Rom

If you install Lollipop on your android phone, Then you can say. Flash Lollipop

What is the Firmware?

Firmware is the operating system/operating software available on an Android phones/ tablets device. So some peoples says it to also “ROM” but Firmware describe more details than just Operating System.

  • CSC (Country Exit Code): the languages and country-specific parameters.
    •  check by dialling *#1234#
    •  in first two digits represents country and last three represents release time.
  • PDA: Android operating system and your customizations.
    •  imagine, your current build is, Build number: GGNIERBREAD.XXLA5, then,that PDA version of your ROM is XXLA5 again XX represend for countries, XX means it is for europian country
      If imagine your build info contain DDLPA, then DD represens for India and PDA version is LPA, means that ROM is for India
  • Phone: the actual identifier of your device.
  • Bootloader: the boot loader program that runs at startup to all unit processes.

What is the Bootloader?

Actually, boatloader is code that is executed before any Operating System starts to run. You can say that is like Bios on computer. (There are some difference) Some manufaters lock this boatloader like HTC.

Why locked – To protect phone’s warranty and discontinuance to flash Custom ROM

How to Unlock Boatloder


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