[Error Fixed] could not do normal boot odin mode

FIXED – Could not do normal boot odin mode

when you try to go recovery mood. then this will happen. Computer does not detect my phone. and odin does not detect my phone/”added” message. Only phone says “Could not do normal boot odin mode”. Actually. first time I tried to root my phone. then this problem happened to me. I search answer on google,forum but there are not suitable answer for me. So I feared/I thought that i had get shop to repair.  However finally, I found a answer. And Why it happened.

Do you know why this happened you? mainly this happens, when you go to install incorrect Auto CF root file or recovery program, then this can come with your phone. people who are new to this filed, They must have fear.  🙂 Don’t flutter. See the below. Don’t hesitate to comment.  This can happen to Samsung galaxy, Motorola, LG, Huawei, asus,HTC,  google.

How to fixed Could not do normal boot odin mode

  1. Turn off the your computer and Turn on.
  2. Turn off your phone. (remove the battery)
  3. Connect your phone to Computer
  4. Power button + Volume down + Home button.
  5. Open the Odin and. press Volume up.
  6. Then you can see, Odin show the message “added”.

But problem is persist

Now you have to install Stock Rom. because your stock Rom is damaged. Don’t think too much. You only install Stock Rom. Not the Custom ROM.

I can’t go to recovery mood, Could not do normal boot odin mode

Do above steps. im sure you can fix it 🙂

Stuck in Odin mode “Could not do normal boot.”

Do above steps. im sure you can fix it 🙂

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  1. Robson says

    thank you my friend that our Lord Jesus Christ bless you for your intelligence and you will help more people . I am Brazilian and my heartfelt thanks for your help relived one Sm- g530h Samsung

    1. kauany nascimento says

      oi, estou com o mesmo problema com o meu celular, observei que o procedimento funcionou para você, eu não consegui resolver esse problema ainda, você pode me dizar examente o que você fez, se o celular demorou pra reconhecer o odin, o meu celular nao liga quando conecto no pc, então eu conecto o cabo já com o celular ligado e ai consigo reiniciar o celular, mas nada do odin reconhecer mesmo, pressionando o botão volume mais
      hi , I have the same problem with my phone , I noticed that the procedure worked for you , I could not solve this problem yet, you can Dizar me examente what you did , if the cell took to recognize the odin, my phone not turn on when I connect the pC , so I connect the cable already with the phone on and there can restart the phone, but nothing odin recognize it by pressing the volume button more

  2. Bruno Dos Santos Bittencourt says

    friend have this problem , but every time I put in so download it does not recognize my phone , so I can not put STOCK ROM help me because my computer does not recognize the phone

  3. Ramikatz says

    Hello every one who can’t fix their phones. May be your computer have another problem with USB port like – “USB not showing in my computer” So, Follow below posts..


  4. Kauany Nascimento says

    hi, from my computer USB ports are functioning properly, the cable ubs TBM, already tested on another computer and no other result,
    and also I can not start the phone when it is connected to the computer, then I’ll call him without is connected to the USB and connect dps and there can restart the phone, but still does not work the method

  5. pratik karki says

    samsung grand2(sm-g7102)have problem so i cant get a stock rom

  6. ibrahim says

    I’m using galaxy tab 4. so i can’t remove the battery. then what can I do? please help me.

  7. Mubashir le says

    or change ic

  8. Gary says

    HI excellent solution here,First attempt it hung.Second time it worked.
    Greatly appreciated for sharing the solution cos i thought i had stuffed my phone.
    Many Thanks

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