(Last Updated On: February 5, 2022)

Warning message “Camera Failed”

When you taking photo on camera. Suddenly come Prompt box and says your Camera failed?
First of all – Remove the Memory card and check camera is ok? Most of errors are happen because using Virus injected memory card

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Fix-Warning message “Camera Failed”

clear apps data

when you faced this kind of problem, First thing, you should clear your apps data, on this case you have to clear camera application’s data from your phone.

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1. Go to Samsung “setting”.
2. Go to “Application management”.
3. View all apps (If you don’t found camera app’s data is.)
4. Click “Cache
5. Click “Cookies”
6. Finally “Force stop”

Now Camera app’s data all are deleted. Now Camera will work correctly.

clear System cache

If it is not work, then clear System cache. Don’t wary. There is no big deal with cleaning system cache.

1. Turn off Phone.
2. Press and Hold on power key + Volume up key+ Home key (till vibrate)
3.choose “wipe cache partition”
4. Now your system cache are deleted

Format & BACKUP

If this did not help you, Then you have to format you phone. I know “format” Sound is BIG deal but there is not another way to solve this Problem. Don’t fears I will teach you How to Format you phone. Very safely, with BACKUP, also Video Guide Include see the below
If you fear to Format, Then go to this LINK

There are 2 m

How to Recover Memory Card using CMD and 5 exclusive methods

ethod of Formatting your phones

I am going to use Normal method. (If you want to deep format,(phone is very Slow?) then Click here.

1.Go to your Samsung Phone Setting From Manu.
2. Find “Back up and Reset” and Click it.
3. If you want to restore your data? Then ad Google account as a Backup Account.
4. Then Click “Factory data Reset”
5. Now your phone Will resetting and Restart

Step by step guide and video – how to Format these two ways

How to Hard Factory Reset android phone
How to factory reset android phone
How to Reset Android Phone – Video

hey, see your camera now ok? If you have any equations please ask