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How to fix my phone getting overheat- Smart Phones- 20 Reasons and answers

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How to fix my phone getting overheat- Smart Phones- Samsung galaxy, Sony, HTC desire, Nokia, Etel, Zigo and all. Heating is normal thing because all electric devices get heat. But when it is over heated, then there is definitely a problem in your phone.

But you should know that your phone actually gets heat unusually. If you feel your pocket is about to burn or If you can’t, put your phone onto your face? Feel burning?Then we can say something bad going on your phone.

Note- If you play games, watch video on internet several hours, it will get hot. It is natural. Because there is no fans or something else. So you have to learn to live with them

In this case, you must know where the phone getting heat. Top of front? Back? Battery? Screen? Bottom front? Speaker? When camera open?  While Charging?

Decrease the Color of Screen

If you use your smart phone with fully colors,  then it can be heated. if you use black screen (without wallpaper) , you have a another advantage. It is your battery life will increase. because black color don’t need much pixel. So try this- Null Black Wallpaper

Too many apps

Usually this overheating happens when we use too many apps. Android is best OS but there disadvantage is. When we close any app. actually its mean, app is still running without showing. So we have to end it manually. Also you can do it by using automatic app

How to stop application manually,

1.Go to setting.
2. Application management.
3. Go to Running apps.
4. Now stop Running apps (Don’t stop android files)

Bad battery

If  phone back get heat badly, Then it’s happen because of this. If you faced this, then replace new battery. Unless it will damage your phone also, As well as don’t use cheap / unquality battery. and cheap chargers. use,

The Screen over heating

If you feel your phone’s Screen about to burn? ? Then May be because of the tempered glass. If your tempered glass more thick then that’s why phone is getting overheat. Also this happens when you run a lot of apps. So it stops all apps using above method. unless use this app

Software is Out of date

If you want to speed up your phone. then Update your android version. Most of people don’t concern this but this may be the reason for heating, so make sure to update your phone. (Update – You don’t lose anything. Only system files are replaced.

How to Update Phone

1. go to Setting from the menu
2. Then go to “About Phone”.
3. Click the “Update phone”. (You must turn on Internet Connection on WIFI or Normal)

Turn off the background updates 

If not, when you are playing a games on the phone, google playstore can update another up without inform you. So you have to turn off auto updates.

Go to Google palys store.
You can see left side menu,There is a setting icon.
Turn off “auto update” from setting

Turn off the Options that you not using now. 

If you play game, then you don’t want to use WIFI, Mobile internet GPS, Blutooth, NFC, Muti window, Screan Rotation, Mobile hotspot and screen mirroring So be sure to turn off these things after use. If not, phone will get heat and also battery will go down quickly.

Water damaged

Imaging that your phone dropped to water. What should you do?

1. Remove back cover.
2. Remove the battery as soon as possible.
3. Remove the SIM.
4. If you can open the phone. Open it
5. put the phone into rice bag or silica.

6.Before you turn the phone. Make sure water has gone

Over Clocking

Recover formatted/damaged/deleted Memory Card using CMD and 5 exclusive methods

If Someone who use computer, then maybe he knows what is overclocking.  As well as overclocking can happen in your phone.(overclocking=run (the processor of one’s computer) at a speed higher than that intended by the manufacturers.)

How to prevent overclocking 

1. Don’t install the large apps
2. Check whether some apps like clean master or any other apps can be installed to your phone.
3. Stop all apps once a week at least.
4. IF your phone Over clocking already? Then Format your phone. Click here.

Phone Case

Most of the time the phone covers can be the main reason for the phone getting heat. Just because most phone covers really attached to the phone and no space to getting rid of the heat.
In this case, you have to change the phone case.

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Heavy streaming

If you watch movies long time through the internet, then definitely phone will heat.
So don’t watch long time. Give rest to phone.

Heavy gaming

If you play games long time/Online games, then definitely your phone will get heat. So don’t play games long time without giving rest.

Uninstall unwanted apps

You must know these tricks on android
How to take a screenshot on my phone.
How to format my phone (2 methods).
How to Hide File or Folder without application.
How to Root My Phone.
Track your lost phone.
How to Force Restart – Reboot my phone.

10. What to do when application doesn’t work.

When you surf on internet, sometimes Some virus can download to your phone auto as wel as Malwares. after download them, they try control your device. So Your RAM can be fully loaded because of these unwanted things. So you have to clean them manually.

1. Go to Setting.
2. Go to application manager
3. All apps. (Place which can view all apps)
4. Find unwanted apps.
5. Click and uninstall these apps. (Don’t uninstall Android System apps)

No Rest

You should give a rest to phone every other day. Turn off your phone for 5min. stop all apps.

After Repair the phone

After repairing your phone or something like that then there’s a probability to getting heat. So, get shop to repair the phone again as soon as possible

Reset your phone

How to Reset your phone without losing any thing

How to Hard Reset (force)

Chinese phone? How to Reset Chinese phone


If above all the facts are not the reason for your phone getting heat then probably it can be a Hardware problem. The best solution for this, get shop to repair the phone again as soon as possible

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