(Last Updated On: August 12, 2021)

Difference Of NTFS and FAT File System

Hey! everyone. Today i’m gong teach what is the-Difference Of NTFS and FAT File System. Ok lets see


Fat is Stand for “File Allocation Table”. It introduced by Microsoft Company
in 1977. It support all Microsoft windows versions such as Dos v7 and higher (Win95,98,Me,2000,Xp,VISTA,7,8)  and DR –DOS, Open Dos, Free Dos. Widely used for Memory card USB flash drives.
Its reliable simple and litter Storage

  • Volume Size (Win 2000), 128GB (Win 98).
  • File Size is 2 32 bytes -1kb.
  • Character Set ASCII.
  • Security – Only Network.
  • It can’t Encryption and Compression.
  • Not capability to Recover Disk Errors Automatically.


NTFS stand for “New Technology File System” It’s also introduced by Microsoft
Company in 1993. Nowadays This System use all Windows versions Such as Windows NT, 7

  • Volume size up to – 2 64 allocation units.
  • File size up to – 2 64 bytes- 1kb.
  • Character Set UNICODE.
  • It can Encryption and Compression
  • Security – Local / Network.
  • Capability to recover disk error automatically.
  • Support Lager Hard
  • It may decrease Life expectancy, So you should “safe remove” when it Remove from Computer

If you Format Flash drive as a NTFS , it will be unwritten on Mac Computers. Because most of Mac Computer can read but not write