(Last Updated On: April 21, 2022)

As a business owner, you understand how difficult it is to put together a productive, efficient, collaborative, and creative team, especially in the era of remote work. Thankfully, this is also the age of technology. That means you have the power to unleash its potential and achieve your business goals without exceeding your budget.

How Does Technology Increase Workplace Productivity?

Productivity is paramount for your company to succeed and expand. Low productivity will negatively affect your business in terms of revenue, employee engagement, resource costs, work quality, etc.

So, you must take steps to boost workplace productivity. The best way to accomplish this is to embrace tech innovations and solutions. As discussed below, such smart adoption improves employee performance and productivity levels.

Collaboration Tools

For your business to operate smoothly and thrive longer, it is essential to ensure highly collaborative teamwork. Team synergy combines employees’ skills, experiences, creativity, and perspectives to achieve a bigger common goal. That further leads to increased productivity, more revenue, and business growth.

A steady flow of communication is required to promote the spirit of teamwork. But your employees do not need to be in adjacent workstations to stay in touch. Your staff can collaborate with you and their coworkers from anywhere globally using cloud-based tools.

Here I present a few instances to prove my point:

  • Instance 1 –  A Voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) calling system lets your employees easily connect with coworkers and customers despite working from home.
  • Instance 2 – Cloud storage systems enable your employees to share, edit, and review online documents in real-time.
  • Instance 3 – Customer relationship management (CRM) systems help your sales staff track prospects’ statuses in real-time from a central location.
  • Instance 4 – Content creation tools allow for the simple sharing and editing of content in one location, whether you’re working with text, video, or audio. These tools also support the creation of any video for collaboration and similar features allowing your marketing team to coordinate with other departments to fulfill mutual goals.

Similarly, various tools are available to ensure consistent workflow no matter the department. Such consistency rewards you with better customer relationships, improved employee engagement, increased productivity, and higher revenues.

Time Management Tools

Do you know the secret to effective time management? It’s strategic planning. Strategic planning is complex and challenging. However, with the help of modern tools, your employees can easily and quickly plan their day at the workplace. Harness the power of technology by integrating online calendar tools with productivity applications.

You can assign projects to your staff and give them deadlines using these tools. You may also create reminders to minimize delays. Tracking tools ensure that your team meets deadlines by making them conscious of how they spend their time. It helps them avoid distractions and encourages them to be more productive.

Manually allocating tasks, setting deadlines, ensuring no delays, and keeping tabs on every employee in your business is time-consuming and exhausting. Technology is a blessing in such situations. But whatever applications you choose, make sure they are simple to use; otherwise, you and your employees will waste more time.

So, search for the right tool to make the most of your staff and your working hours. You will benefit from guaranteed productivity and performance enhancement.

Employee Health and Safety Technologies

There are numerous tools and technologies available to ensure employees’ safety and good health in the workplace. When your employees feel safe, they will work harder and generate more for your company.

Therefore, you must keep your workplace well-equipped to provide a safe atmosphere for your employees. They will be happier, more contented, and more productive than ever before. You might, for example, invest in the following health and safety technologies.

  • 3D Visualization Technology – Three-dimensional visualization produces realistic pictures from multiple viewpoints of a documented photograph. It helps employees in becoming familiar with the on-site surroundings. Such vigilance enables them to avoid any potential hazards.
  • Advanced Eyewear – Anti-fog, anti-scratch, and low-glare glasses protect your employees’ eyes from harmful blue light. It also prevents related issues, such as persistent headaches, restless nights, etc. So, provide these to your employees to ensure their health and productivity.
  • Sit-to-Stand Desks – Such ergonomics seats enhance your employees’ posture, prevent back injuries, assist them in overcoming sedentary lifestyles, and help them avoid health concerns. When your staff is at ease, they will perform better.


Technology is a sure-fire technique to achieve your company objectives, such as maximum output, higher income, industry dominance, etc. The only problem is ensuring its proper implementation. So, educate yourself on the various technologies, applications, and implementations to keep your organization running for decades.