(Last Updated On: April 24, 2022)

A screen recorder program will come in handy if you want to record your games, the screen for a lesson video, zoom calls, or material for YouTube, etc. A screen recorder program will come in handy if you want to record your games, the screen for a lesson video, zoom calls, or material for YouTube, etc. iTop Screen Recorder is a free program for Windows that allows you to record your screen in HD quality and high resolution.

What exactly is iTop Screen Recorder?

iTop Screen Recorder is a fully free Windows screen recorder. It is compatible with all major Windows versions, including Windows 11, Windows 10, and Windows 8/7.

itop screen recorder

iTop Screen Recorder can assist you in the following areas:

  • Make instructional films to give step-by-step instructions.
  • Make a screen recording for a YouTube video.
  • The office utilizes PowerPoint for presentations, among other things.

The fact that iTop Screen Recorder is completely free is one of the reasons why so many people use it. Normally, free versions of screen recorder software include recording time limits and quality constraints. There are none with iTop Screen Recorder.

With the iTop Screen Recorder, you can record your screen in HD definition for an unlimited amount of time. Yes, you read that correctly. You may use this Best Screen Recorder for PC for free and without any limits.

iTop Screen Recorder

Now that you understand the foundations of screen recorder software and what it can accomplish, let’s look at the top features it has to offer and ultimately see how to use iTop Screen Recorder to make screen recordings in Windows.

Specifications of the iTop Screen Recorder

completely free recorder

The fact that iTop Screen Recorder is entirely free to use is its most notable feature. There is no paid version of the program; you may download it from their website and begin using it right away.

There is no recording time limit

Another intriguing feature of iTop Screen Recorder is that it does not have a recording time restriction. You may record the material on your screen for as long as you like. It’s difficult to find a free screen recorder that doesn’t have a time restriction, but iTop Screen Recorder has you covered.

Supports 4K Ultra HD recording up to 4096 x 2160 pixels

Do you intend to record your gaming in good quality? Screen recording in 4K resolution is supported by iTop Screen Recorder. The highest resolution supported is 4096 x 2160. This level of quality will be enough for anyone seeking a free screen recorder.

Less reliant on resources

iTop Screen Recorder consumes a little number of hardware resources. You won’t notice any lag when iTop Screen Recorder is operating in the background thanks to NVIDIA/AMD/Intel hardware acceleration.

UI that is simple and clutter-free

Its user interface (UI) is less complicated and straightforward. Simply launch the app, press the record button, or use the hotkey to begin recording the screen immediately.

Other essential perspectives include:

  • Screen Capture that is Versatile
  • Facecam Video Capture
  • There is no slack while keeping HD.
  • While recording, take screenshots.
  • Various Output/Convert Formats
  • Audio Recording of the Screen

Output Format

After you’ve recorded and edited the screen recording, you may instantly export the result in whatever format you like. In terms of output formats, the iTop Screen Recorder supports a variety of video formats.

It includes the following:

TS, GIF, and more formats

iTop Screen Recorder Output Formats

You may quickly produce GIF pictures from your screen recordings because the program supports the GIF format.

How Does the iTop Work?

As previously said, the iTop Screen Recorder is an easy-to-use screen recorder. You may immediately download and use it for free. Let’s look at how to get iTop Screen Recorder, install it, and utilize it.

Step 1: Go to the iTop Screen Recorder website and click on the download button to get the installation file.

Download iTop Screen Recorder

Step 2: After downloading, run the installation (EXE) file. Carry on with the installation procedure. Follow the directions on the screen. Installation is comparable to that of any other piece of software for Windows.

Step 3: Once the installation is complete, double-click the iTop Screen Recorder icon on the desktop or in the Start menu to launch it.

itop screen recorder

Step 4: After you’ve started the program, click the giant red Rec button to begin recording. Before you begin recording the video, be sure you choose a resolution.

change recording resolution

You may choose many factors such as the resolution and quality of the recording, whether or not to utilize record audio, audio source, and so on.

Screen Recorder Settings

You may export the video in any supported video format once you’ve finished recording and basic editing.


ITop Screen Recorder is ideal for users who desire simple and seamless screen recording, basic video editing, and quick sharing with most online video sites.