Whenever a student is preparing for his board exams or any competitive exam, NCERT books are deemed to be his first preference although he might later refer to several other reference books for better preparation at the first instance, it is the NCERT books that click into the mind. NCERT books are one of the best textbooks that are more in use at the primary and secondary level schools that are generally affiliated with the CBSE board. In case a student has thoroughly prepared all the topics that are given in the NCERT book, he can easily secure a good and satisfactory score. After the pandemic, the scenario has completely changed. The students now prefer to take classes and refer to study material online. Infinity Learn is one of the most used and trusted study sites for the student that provides the study material related to different classes and subjects, previous year question papers, sample papers, NCERT solutions to students of different classes, for example, you can get NCERT solutions for class 12 relating to any theoretical or practical subject. Here, we shall discuss why it is beneficial for the students to refer to NCERT books.


PLAY IMPORTANT ROLE FOR CBSE BOARD STUDENTS: It is nothing new as most of the questions that the CBSE board students get in their exams are picked up from the NCERT textbooks. For the past many years, it has been experienced that 99 percent of the question paper is set up from the NCERT books so the students only need to focus on the topics covered therein and can easily score good marks in their board exams.

IN-DEPTH UNDERSTANDING OF THE CONCEPTS: The NCERT books are designed in such a way that it not only covers the important topics but also provide clarity to the students about those topics. The topics are so elaborately explained and the language is also so simple and easy to understand that students are easily able to comprehend the topics irrespective of their intelligence level. The main aim is to make the fundamentals of the students strong and polish their basic knowledge so that it becomes easier for them to attempt the questions in the exams in whatever form they are framed.

CONTAINS EXERCISE QUESTIONS: The NCERT books contain certain exercise questions in different forms at the end of each chapter. Most of the time, these questions are twisted and plotted in the board exams. So, in case you have gone through them earlier, it won’t be a difficult task for you to solve them while attempting the paper. 

BOOKS STRICTLY RELATE TO THE CBSE CURRICULUM: The books are so designed that they provide clarity and explanation to only those topics that are included in the scope of the CBSE curriculum. No extra and unnecessary topics have been covered that waste the time of students in learning and understanding. Thus, the books strictly adhere to the CBSE board curriculum and if the student has thorough preparation of the book, he need not worry about the question that is going to be asked in the exam as he can easily answer any of the questions that shows up in the exam. 

EASY TO UNDERSTAND LANGUAGE: The NCERT books are published in such a language that is easy to understand and learn. When students, do not find any difficulty with the language and find the concepts easy, even their interest develops in the topic and they start devoting time to it. When students are easily able to understand the topics, they take less time to learn them, and thus the time that they save in such a way, they can devote to the subject or topic in which they feel they need more practice. 

BEST OPTION TO PREPARE FOR THE COMPETITIVE EXAMS: NERT books are not only important from the board exams viewpoint but are also equally important for the preparation for various competitive exams. These are generally important for competitive exams like NEET, JEE, UPSC, etc. because they provide the basic conceptual knowledge and also keep to polish the fundamentals of the aspirants as when the concepts are clear a student can easily crack any of the exams.

So, these were some of the various benefits of referring to NCERT books while preparing for any exams be it a student’s board exams or any competitive exam. NCERT books can provide you with the ideal study material but in addition to that proper guidance and determination are also required to score good marks. You must be self-determined and focused to study well and as far as guidance is concerned, you can get the best guidance from experts at Infinity Learn. Infinity Learn has helped many students by guiding them and helping them to get good marks.