India is the second biggest cell phone market on the planet, and it is as yet developing at practically 30% yearly.

Today, you can get cell phones at different value ranges. The sheer number of decisions can regularly leave you puzzled. Consequently, settling on a choice then, at that point, turns into an activity including going through hours on the web, investigating different highlights and offers.

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To assist you with your decision, the following are a couple of tips on factors you ought to consider:


Heavy web-based use will, in general, deplete batteries quicker. If you have a place with this class of clients, then, at that point, it is wiser to go for a handset with a dependable battery.


Telephones have two sorts of memory –

  • Random Access Memory (RAM)
  • Read-Only Memory (ROM)

ROM is the memory processor utilized to store applications, recordings, photographs, and melodies you need to keep on your phone.

Subsequently, it makes sense that telephones with higher RAM will be quicker, and those with more increased ROM will have more stockpiling. A regular client should be content with 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM. However, assuming you are a weighty client, go for a telephone with no less than 3-4 GB RAM and 64GB ROM.

You can likewise utilize a miniature SD memory card to expand your ROM. Yet, recall, applications that are put away and run from memory cards will more often than not be slower.


There is a great deal of publicity encompassing in-constructed cameras on telephones, with brands attempting to outperform each other by offering more megapixels. A camera with more megapixels doesn’t bring about better pictures without anyone else. Aside from megapixels, great quality photographs are a component of variables like ISO levels, opening just as the speed of self-adjust.

Assuming you are probably going to take plenty of pictures, then, at that point, go for a telephone with a 12 or 16 MP cameras that have an opening of f/2.0 or lower for excellent outcomes even in low light. If your camera utilization isn’t probably going to be weighty, a telephone with an 8-12 MP camera and opening of f/2.2 ought to be acceptable for you.


As cell phone cameras, there is a great deal of publicity about processors with languages like quad-core, Snapdragon, octa center, etc. Take a look at the handling speed communicated as far as Gigahertz (GHz).

The higher the speed, the quicker is the processor. Assuming you will do a ton of photograph/video altering or play internet games and transfer recordings, decide on a faster processor.


A telephone with a 5.5 – 6-inch HD or QHD show is generally optimal. This feature will permit you to partake in a rich media experience while being not difficult to convey in your pocket or handbag.

Operating System

There are two Operating Systems (OS):

Assuming that you pick iOS, then, at that point, you are selecting an Apple iPhone. Any remaining cell phone producers work on the Android OS.


As referenced before, cell phones come at sticker costs that differ incredibly. Prices will generally go up as you go higher up the worth chain as far as processor speeds, memory, camera and show.

Be that as it may, don’t allow your spending plan to prevent you from purchasing the cell phone of your choice that suits both your criteria and budget. For instance, HonorMagic3 cost is quite affordable.