How is your TV screen? Is it full of fingerprint dents and dirt? We all know the importance of having a clean gadget screen. There is a right way to clean your TV and a wrong way to clean your TV.

In the past, people have relied on microfiber cloths to clean screens. However, the introduction of Klean Screen has changed how people clean their gadget screens.

So, how do you use Klean screen? You can use Klean Screen by gently wiping the screen from one side to another. The product is used the way it’s without any additives. Klean screen attracts dirt and leaves the screen clean.

Join me as I discuss this breakthrough technology and how to use it.

What is a Klean Screen?

Klean screen is a ground-breaking technology that uses carbon microfiber to clean screens. It is an extremely effective dry-clean technology free of substances. The product cleans screens without leaving any residue.

Klean Screen has been used exclusively in space by NASA to clean glass. It is pretty safe and works for all Android and iPad tablets. It works effectively removing all residue, smudges, streaks, and fingerprints.

The opinion about screenklean has changed with most people carrying it around due to its sleek design. It measures a mere 3 by 1.5 by 0.25 inches making it compact and lightweight. It fits pockets and purses allowing you to clean your gadgets on the go.

How to Use a Klean Screen?

The right way to use Klean Screen is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your screen ought to gleam like the first day you bought it.

Screen Klean is a safe and all-natural formula that cleans screens without corroding them. The process is simple and easy to achieve. Start by removing the cap that covers the soft microfibers.

Hold the knob and gently rub it on the tablet or TV screen. The carbon klean compound removes oils, smudges, and bacteria on the screen. Unlike microfibers that smear the smudges and bacteria around, Screen Klean attracts and removes the dirt.

Once clean, return the cap and close it for future use. You can then let it recharge. Screen Klean is quite efficient to clean most devices up to 150 times before you can buy a new one.

The performance of Screen Klean is outstanding and one that will leave your gadgets spotless. There are several reasons this product stands out. Some of the features that make Screen Klean stand out are:

  • It doesn’t use any cleaning compound or alcohol
  • There are no wet wipes that can damage your screen
  • The product is micro-cloth free and cleans without smearing dirt around
  • Extremely portable and easy to carry around

The sight of a dirt screen can be quite disgusting once you notice it. However, in most cases, it’s pretty hard to notice especially when the device is on.

However, dirt becomes easily noticeable when devices are turned off. The last thing you want is to be reminded by visitors of how dirty your device looks.

The compact size and mobility of Screen Klean make it a great choice for travelers. You can carry it and use it wherever you go.

How Screen Klean works

The product removes all dirt on the screen and polishes it sparkling clean. It features a small cleaning pad made of Carbon Molecular Technology. The technology takes away dirt, grime, dust, oils, etc.

Nasa uses Screen Klean to repel dirt while in space. What’s more, you don’t need to scrub with force to remove the dirt. Only minimal effort is required with dirt coming off easily.

It is also worth noting that Screen Klean is not abrasive and will not damage your screens. For traditional screen cleaning, the cloth and alcohol eventually create scratches and blurs on the screen. This can damage your screen and eventually make the screen defective.

You can watch the video below to learn more about how to use Klean Screen.

Screen Klean Features

How Do You Use a Klean Screen?

So, what makes Klean Screen that effective? Let’s have a closer look at features that make the product effective at cleaning screens. Here are leading Screen Klean features.

Carbon Molecular Technology

The product features carbon molecular technology that makes the cleaning process seamless. It’s a patented technology that allows for cleaning without scratching.

The technology does not smear dust around making it way better than a cloth. If the screen is blurred, cleaning with alcohol and a cloth will cause scratches. However, when you use a cleaning agent, the dirt goes away and the screen looks clean and new.

Replaceable and Rechargeable Pads

The product comes with replaceable and rechargeable pads. Once you’re done cleaning, you can recharge it and use it again. The pads can be used up to 150 times before replacing or buying a new product.

Once you have a new Klean Screen product, you don’t have to worry about getting a new one soon.

Light and Portable

It is compact and extremely light. You can conveniently take it anywhere with you.

Carry the device in your purse, pocket, or briefcase and clean your gadgets on the go.

Color varieties

The product is also available in different colors to match your taste and preferences.

Can I use Klean Screen for Big Computer Screens?

Yes, you can use Klean Screen for TVs and large computers. Despite the small size, the product can efficiently clean a large screen and leave it looking spotless.

However, be sure to change it more often when cleaning large screens. What’s more, you can use the product on some of the expensive screens without any problems.

How Many Times Can I Use a Klean Screen Before Replacing?

How Do You Use a Klean Screen?

How long you use a Klean Screen depends on the screen size and frequency of cleaning. A single-piece Klean Screen pad can last up to 150 times.

Check the screen and see how dirty it is before using Klean Screen. You can always know it’s time to replace it when you see a lot of dirt on the pad.

Final Thoughts

Klean Screen is a breakthrough cleaning technology that leaves screens of gadgets and TVs looking spotless. It is safe and does not damage screens. It is a great way to reduce the bacteria load on your gadgets.