(Last Updated On: June 23, 2023)

With the financial industry embracing state-of-the-art innovations, businesses have umpteen technological opportunities to grow. Let’s take the example of the financial technology.

Better regarded as fintech, different sectors have started taking advantage of this type of technology – education, retail fundraising and nonprofit, banking, and more. Evaluated below are the types of financial industries that need fintech solutions.

The Lending Industry

Today’s borrowers do not need several on-time credit card payments to apply for a loan. With emerging technology, the 21st-century fintech industry has started transforming the lending universe.

Unlike conventional methods, this new approach bridges the gap between conventional and contemporary activities in this industry. In short, fintech financing services can democratize the leading ecosystem in more than one way.

Fintech lending uses APIs to help lenders make well-informed decisions more speedily. So, even if they wish to use alternative data sources to assess lending risk, they can do so by connecting digital platforms. They can even improve the speed of data sharing.

Fintech lending gives underserved businesses an alternative opportunity for funding, thereby offering financial freedom. Also, it allows rural borrowers to apply for and secure their funding within a few minutes without visiting the bank. Given below are the most popular types:

  • Investor Loans

A few companies source and sell loans to investors. Such a company does not earn a commission on the loan but sources it to customers (who aim to take out the mortgage) and sells them to financial institutes or banks. A fintech mortgage lending company is the best example of this type.

  • Peer-to-Peer Lending

Such a company connects businesses or individuals with investors who wish to lend money. These companies collect a fee to process the loan request.

  • Mortgage Lending

Some companies leverage technology to improve their lending process and provide actual loans. A mortgage lending company focuses on accelerating and simplifying the procedure. For such an organization, using custom fintech software can be highly beneficial.

  • Business Loans

Some lending companies help startups get funds for growth. Note that many low-tier companies cannot get credit from the institutes due to perceived risk. But with fintech, they can better assess risks and make speedier and more effective decisions.

So, by introducing significant alterations and innovations, the fintech industry is catering to a greater segment of clients. This personalized financial solution gives access to quality lending services.

The Accounting Industry

The fintech industry is altering the way businesses are managing their revenue and approaching their bookkeeping. Cloud-based accounting tools and mobile payment software are enough to transform business operations and communicate with prospects and customers. This accounting sphere has undergone a cultural swing, with financial technology reshaping the accounting landscape.

  • Bookkeepers and accountants can now offer more value-added solutions like personal tax consulting, advisory, startup growth consulting, etc.
  • Simplifies the documentation procedure via digitized and systemized processing 
  • AI and robotics automate time-consuming and repetitive tasks like inventory updates, invoicing, data entry, and more
  • A game-changer in this bookkeeping and accounting industry is the tax software that offers improved data and accuracy for businesses to eliminate tax penalties 
  • Blockchain technology allows transparent and secure transactions to revolutionize the industry and track financial transactions easily

The Banking Industry

Back then, FinTech was introduced as the back-end system technology for banks and financial institutions. But today, it involves different consumer-based applications that help you trade stocks, pay for insurance, manage funds, and more. FinTech for banking has transformed the way banks assess customers’ finances.

With innovative strategies, fintech companies have revolutionized the financial services industry to improve customer experience. These companies have started earning the trust of customers through exceptional services. Banks can implement fintech solutions to improve their customer experience. Here’s more on the technologies that have altered the current banking industry:

  • The inception of e-wallets
  • Smart chip technologies
  • Biometric sensors 
  • Mobile banking 
  • AI and ML technologies 
  • AI-driven service chatbots

Besides these three industries, the fintech software development services can benefit crowdfunding businesses, financial management platforms, insurance companies, etc.

So, if you are an SME or enterprise-sized financial company, you can take advantage of a superior fintech solution. Get in touch with a professional to discuss your requirements. Collaborate with a team that offers the finest custom fintech software in accordance with your business goals.