(Last Updated On: January 14, 2023)

The world is abandoning fossil fuels for cleaner energy sources to conserve the environment. Solar energy is the most practical and affordable renewable energy source. For these reasons, it has gained popularity among homeowners.

While increased popularity means more supply and lower prices, it has one major disadvantage – clients find it challenging to choose the correct option. So here are the standout solar panels in the Australian market. 

Max Power Solar

Max Power is an Australian energy company that makes premium solar panels. Its best product is the Max Power MPS-390N Panel, renowned for its robust design, advanced cell technology, and friendly warranties. 

The MPS-390N has a dual-glass design that protects the PV cells from harsh weather conditions. It also has bifacial glass surfaces, producing power from both sides. Even better, the panels use advanced N-type cells for extra efficiency.

Using Max Power solar panels gives you peace of mind, as it’s easy to claim a warranty because it’s an Australian company. The products have an impressive 25-year warranty and a 30-year performance guarantee.

Jinko Solar

Jinko solar is a Chinese company that produces the largest number of solar panels. It’s famous for manufacturing affordable and reliable green energy solutions. The firm works with the Australian UNSW solar research centre to develop new PV cell technologies suitable for the Aussie market.

The Cheetah range of monocrystalline solar panels is one of the most popular cheap modules with excellent reliability and aftermarket support from local suppliers. Consider getting the Tiger and Tiger Pro series if you want premium performance. 

Regarding performance, Jinko panels have an average efficiency of 20.6%, which is pretty impressive. The panels have a 20-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.

Longi Solar 

Longi solar panels are famous for their energy efficiency and affordable pricing—the efficiency results from advanced technologies like bifacial surfaces and passivated emitter rear contact (PERC).

Solar panels with bifacial surfaces and PERC are up to 12% more efficient than standard models. 

Performance-wise, Longi panels have an average efficiency of 23%, one of the highest in the market. The panels can last up to 30 years, with an annual drop of 0.55% after three years of use. 

SunPower Solar

SunPower is a leading solar panel manufacturer established in 1985. It has a subsidiary called Maxeon Solar Technologies, which specialises in making high-end solar panels. 

The Maxeon 3 series’ solar panels have 22.6% peak efficiency. This, combined with the panels’ superior design that reduces cell failures, means the products can last for many years under Australia’s unfavourable climate. 

The bottom surface of the solar panels has an integrated back contact copper grid foundation that protects the cells from cracks and fractures. Moreover, the design incorporates several strain-relief features, ensuring seamless handling of sharp temperature fluctuations. 

SunPower panels have the best-in-class cell power density and the lowest degradation rates, making them ideal for roofs with limited space. The panels also have an industry-leading 40-year warranty. Lab tests suggest the panels can be 88% efficient in the 40th year, an unmatched feat. 

Canadian Solar

Canadian Solar made its name by producing several cost-effective, dependable, polycrystalline solar panels. Recently, the company shifted focus to developing more efficient monocrystalline modules with PERC technology. 

Some popular models from Canadian Solar are HiKu6 and HiKu7 panels. These are monocrystalline modules with split-cell technology, famous for their quality, affordability, reliability, and excellent after-sales support from local dealers. 

The biggest drawback of SunPower panels is their 12-year product warranty, which is lower than the industry average. However, they make up for it by offering a 25-year performance warranty that guarantees at least 84.8% efficiency over the said period. 

Trina Solar

Trina uses multi-busbars technology to reduce resistive losses when harnessing solar energy. The company also has dual-glass panels to reduce UV-induced ageing, rusting, and output degradation. 

Honey M, TallMAX M, and Trina Solar Vertex are the top picks in the company’s product range. Most of them are affordable and energy efficient. They also have friendly warranty terms.


These are the best solar panels in the Australian market. Although all can suit your domestic power needs, the Max Power MPS-390N is the best choice due to its robust design, excellent performance, and extended warranty. It’s also relatively more affordable than the other options.