.Net is one of the five most popular frameworks according to a survey by Stack Overflow

One reason for this popularity is the ease of coding that .net offers. It is also a very easy framework for beginners to learn.

That’s why more and more developers are adding .net development to their resumes.

.Net apps are also extremely scalable and easy to add to pre-existing apps. That’s why huge companies, like Samsung, use .Net for the Tizen OS. 

If you’re also hiring a .net developer for your project, then you should know what to look for. In this article, we will discuss: 

  • The top points to consider before hiring a .net developer
  • The technical skills to look for 
  • The soft skills to look for

Points to Consider Before Hiring a .Net Developer

  1. The requirements for your project

.Net is an open-source software development platform with many uses. You can build for web, mobile, games, and IoT with it. 

So the first thing you should know before you hire dedicated dot net developers is the scope of your project. 

When you know this, you’ll be able to identify the specific skills needed for your project. And you can shortlist potential candidates based on this. 

  1. The development time you’re aiming for

.Net is a fairly easy program to work with. It is also easy for beginners to learn. This is why it is a popular framework for building feature-laden products. 

But the more features you add, the longer it’ll take for development. If you know the timeline for your product, you can decide how many developers you need to hire. 

If hiring multiple developers is not in your budget, then you can look for remote .Net developers who work at a fast pace.  

  1. Scope of your project 

It’s app development best practice to keep working on your app. That’s how you bring in and retain users. 

But before you start with your project, it’s a good idea to plan out the future for your app. Have a 5-year or 10-year plan for your app. Here are some questions to have answers to: 

  1. What is my plan if the initial Beta release isn’t a success? 
  2. What will the next 5 updates for my app be?
  3. How will I make this into a money-making venture?

The second question will reveal to you the type of developer you need. If your updates focus on adding complex features, then the .net developer you hire should have the ability to do this. 

Look at the portfolio of the potential hire. If they have experience building apps in the same segment, then you can hire them without thought. 

If they don’t, then you can set a quick test for the developer to evaluate their expertise. 

Key Technical Skills a .Net Developer Should Have 

  1. Azure

Azure is the cloud hosting program for .Net applications. It has many functions and services that help improve your .net application. A .net developer that you hire should be familiar with navigating through Azure.

Here are some key areas in Azure that a .net developer should know. 

  • Provision of Virtual Machines on Azure
  • Use Azure SQL. They should understand the different hosting models
  • Provision and use of Azure App Services
  • Azure Service Buz and Queues
  • Integrate advanced .Net application security by using Azure AD and Azure AD B2C
  1. Programming Languages

.Net is a framework that allows developers to work with various programming languages. C#, F#, and Visual Basic are some of the programming languages you’ll need to know. 

  1. C#: pronounced C sharp, this is an object-oriented programming language. It helps developers build secure and robust applicants. 

C# has a ton of features that support new workloads and design components. So it will be possible to build a modern application with C#. 

  1. F#: This language has a lightweight syntax. So it’s possible to build a robust application with very little code. 

You can write uncluttered code with F#. You can focus on the app features without having to worry too much about the coding. 

  1.  Visual Basic: This is an object-oriented language developed by Microsoft. It helps speed up the build time for an application. 

VB.NET has automatic formatting. You can also interconnect multiple applications built with languages supported by .Net. So it’s easy to expand an application. 

  1. Full-Stack Development

A full-stack developer is one who knows how to develop the front-end and back-end of the application. You can effectively cut costs if you hire a full-stack developer for your app because you won’t need to hire multiple people. 

Here are some skills a full-stack developer should have. 

  • HTML
  • Ruby
  • Java
  • Database Storage
  • AJAX
  • Angular 
  1. Databases

Database technologies like MySQL and Microsoft Cosmos DB organize and store user details. So in a platform like an e-commerce app, the database technology would store the customer’s address and personal information. 

Managing data is one of the crucial factors of an application. Microsoft SQL, Oracle, and MySQL are popular databases used along with .Net. They help increase the usability of your app. 

  1. Client-Side Technology

Client-side rendering means that all actions take place on the user’s system. This will reduce the load for your server and also aid with code deployment.

Though .net is predominantly a server-side framework, a developer should also know client-side technologies. These include HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You may be hiring a .net developer to only work on the server side. Still, look for candidates who are comfortable with client-side development. Such .net developers will inherently know how to make the UI building experience easier for the UI developer. 

Other Skills a Remote .Net Developer Should Have

  1. Collaboration with remote teammates 

Remote dot net developers should have the ability to communicate and collaborate effectively with teammates. 

.Net is predominantly used for backend software development. So there will be a team working on the front end. Especially for large-scale applications. To ensure the project gets delivered on time, both teams must communicate throughout the development process. 

  1. Problem-solving

Dot Net is a backend framework. So .net developers will have to use a lot of logic to make their codes work. .Net developers should also know how to test for bugs with .Net’s unit testing tool. 

Since .net allows developers to use a combination of languages, there’s a higher chance for error. A good .net developer should be able to spot errors quickly and deal with them efficiently.

A talented .net developer is a good asset to any organization. The framework is easy to work on, which makes app development quicker for you. When you’re hiring a dedicated dot net developer, just look for the skills we’ve mentioned here.