How long have you been using TikTok? If you say more than a year, superb! But do you know how safe TikTok is? The platform has got safe mode which offers the best protection while watching and posting your TikTok videos. Indeed, when comparing TikTok with other social media platforms, TikTok helps you protect your profile from hackers. Still, if you worry about how to safeguard your TikTok account from hackers, check out the five best safety tips to protect your TikTok account. 

With this in mind, let’s start!

Basics About TikTok

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Now, let’s see everything about TikTok’s safety tips to secure your accounts. 

1. Create a Strong Password

On TikTok, create your password protection against hackers and malware; the more robust your password, the better protection your profile would be. So, make sure that your TikTok account passwords don’t match the other account holder because the same passwords can cause a data breach. Sometimes cyberpunk can hack your TikTok account by using usernames and passwords. 

The best tip to make your TikTok account password should be 16 characters or more, where it can have letters, symbols, and numbers. Also, you can use uppercase or lowercase letters. TikTok needs eight to 20 characters so maximizing out of 20 is the best option. 

Below we will share a few of the following criteria while changing your TikTok passwords, they are: 

  • Don’t use already existing passwords. You can even combine uppercase and lowercase letters, special symbols, and numbers.
  • Try a 20-character maximum password length for TikTok. 
  • Don’t use your details like phone numbers, license plate, or birth date. 

2. Try To Change Your TikTok Passwords Often

When TikTok databases get breached, use stronger passwords that may end up in the protection, connecting with your username. Thus, if you want to make your account safe, change your TikTok passwords often on schedule. 

3. Stop Saving Your Login

On TikTok, the default option will save your profile’s username and password so that whenever you log out, you can log in without your credentials. Meanwhile, saving your TikTok credentials can save time wherever you use TikTok on your devices. The last setting in the Security and Login preferences can protect your TikTok account from malware. Next, Toggle off the Save login info button under the list where TikTok will no longer save your login credentials. Anyways, be sure that the device itself may try to save your credentials, so even if you toggle this setting off, it may be saved to your TikTok device. 

4. Understand How To Find Scam Attempts?

Social media engineering is alive and well in the cybercriminal field, and phishing issues are one of the several tools of the trade. Every TikTok user may get texts or emails trying to connect with your verification code. So, don’t click any links on these codes if you haven’t logged into TikTok on your smartphone devices. 

Often you can see phishing links via emails on social media sites, text messages, and even on popular websites. These phishing links on popular websites will deploy malware to hack your credentials. Thus, malware on your system may even redirect you to the phishing page from your TikTok account. 

Fun Fact: Did you know? TikTok has got safety features with password protection that notifies users. You can even switch on the restricted mode to sort down inappropriate content on TikTok. Hence, try following these safety tips if you want to shield your TikTok profile with safe mode. You can even try using PayMeToo to build your TikTok profile’s engagement. 

5. Review Potential Security Alerts

Make your TikTok login with the best credentials, and then check any usual activity as a proactive step. Luckily, TikTok makes it simple to review recent security events and do something about suspicious malware. 

On the Security and Login page, click on the Security alerts to view any recent activity. For instance, you can see a current device login if you have logged into your TikTok on another device, whereas you can see a recent device login if you have logged into your TikTok on another. 


I hope you found this article interesting and valuable. If you are trying to work on safety measures for your TikTok accounts, then start to use these safety tips. Thus, protecting your TikTok account with a secure password, alert notifications, and changing passwords often can create a safety shield for your TikTok password. So try all these tips one by one and make your TikToking safe from hackers.