You know the batteries that own lithium as their anode is known as lithium batteries. The charge moves from anode to that of cathode during the time of discharge and cathode to that of anode during the time of charging.

In other words, a lithium battery is a kind of rechargeable type of battery that is charged as well as discharged by lithium ions moving between that of the negative (anode) and that of positive (cathode) electrodes. 

How does it work?

In the present time, most common as well as popular lithium type of battery use graphite (carbon) as anode, a lithium compound as that of cathode and some organic sludge as an electrolyte. They boast two main perks over prior type of battery chemistries.

Actually, this battery is made up of the anode as well as the cathode. Then a separator between two electrodes and that of an electrolyte that packs the residual space of the battery. The anode as well as cathode can store lithium. Energy gets saved as well as released as lithium ions travel between such electrodes via the electrolyte.

What are the benefits of it?

there are many benefits of using this battery like:

Lithium type of batteries include relatively low levels of toxic heavy metals that are there in other kinds of batteries like that of lead-acid and nickel-cadmium. Then it is also true that these batteries are absolutely light in weight and take up very small place contrary to their counterparts.

Similarly, lithium is a much reactive element having the ability to release as well as store huge sum of energy. It permits lithium type of batteries to pack a higher level of energy capacity in a tiny size. Hence, it lasts really longer than other types of batteries.

Moreover, maintenance is not a pain. Lithium type of batteries don’t really suffer from memory impact, and it means these always give up their last bit of power, and you can easily recharge them no matter you have actually used hundred percent or twenty five percent of their capacity having no irritating maintenance required. 

Why Lithium-Ion Batteries are superior to Lead-Acid Batteries?

Lithium-Ion battery is the best type of secondary batteries that’s why it is reasonable to compare them as their other counterpart, lead-acid batteries. So, let’s find out:

Lead Acid BatteriesLithium Ion Batteries
Lead Acid batteries are heavy and can weight upto 30 kg.Lithium Ion Batteries can weight 9 kg on average.
The Charging Efficiency of the lead acid batteries is low- around 70% only.Whereas, Lithium ion Batteries have 100% high charging capacity and it can be half charged in only 30 min.
The maintenance is the biggest problem in lead acid batteries as you have to fill its cells often.Almost zero maintenance is required in lithium ion batteries.
It can only have 500-1000 charge-discharge cycles.While it has 1500-2000 charging and discharging cycles.
It can release harmful gases while charging and is not recommended in food industry.Lithium Ion Batteries release no gas while charging.

Are there any types in this battery category?

Lithium batteries are of various kinds as per size, form, that of the material used for the positive and even that of negative electrodes, and more. Remember that each lithium battery is quite different so, ensure that you choose the right one after ensuring what you really need.

What is the costing and which product is the best?

Talking about the costing, the normal price of a lithium battery in India is Rupees 25 per watt-hour. It includes delivery at your doorstep. Talking about the best lithium type of battery, it depends on your usage. You can find really good quality batteries once you dig in as per your requirement.

Where can you get your first battery from?

Well, there are so many platforms that can get you lithium type of batteries that too as per your needs. But if you also want quality, durability and reliability too; then you should definitely go for Loom Solar. The platform gets you excellent products in solar panels, batteries and much more.  They are the certified and effective manufacturers and providers of these products in the country.


To sum up, whether you want a good solar panel price, or a brilliant lithium type of battery; you know now where to look for!