A computer or laptop has become mandatory for our daily life. We use it for both personal and professional needs. Post covid, people are more dependent on online mediums for various purposes. Here are some do-it-yourself tips to follow for hassle-free computer usage. When you bring a new computer home, follow the steps below to settle the machine all by yourself.


Take the monitor, computer, and other parts out of their boxes. Set a manual aside on the table that you can follow. A package will have power cords, monitor, mouse, keyboard, and CPU as mandatory parts of the system. 

Place Them Right

Put the monitor on the desk. Place the CPU near it. Connect the wires of the mouse and keyboard with the CPU. Computer tables exclusively designed for desktop offers allotted space for every part of the system. Once you are done with the placement, connect all cables following the guidebook. 


A monitor data cable will plug into the system in only one place. Most displays use either a DVI, HDMI, or VGA. Tech guides of computer repair Lynnwood suggest you plug into the corresponding port on the back of the computer. Use a video converter to connect the display system (monitor) if your monitor has only a VGA plug and your computer has a DVI connection. 

Connect the Other Devices

The keyboard and mouse connect to the system with a PS/2 or USB connector. Look on the back for that. Connect the data cable to the computer. Now connect the power plug from the LCD monitor to the surge protector.  Find the power cord and plug its one end into the back of your PC. Plug the other end of the power cord into a surge protector or into a power outlet. 

Internet Connection 

If you use a wired internet connection, use the category 5 ethernet cable 

to the back of your computer. If you wish to use a router, keep the router machine within range of our setup. A router is a smart choice for internet usage; you can also serve the internet on your mobile. All you have to do is to connect the smartphone and router through a password. Now your setup is all set to run. Just switch on the device and turn the computer on

Updated Windows on Your PC

The 1st step is probably the most tedious. Heavy web browsing is safe when you have an updated version of the Windows operating system in your computer system. Microsoft brings new Windows patches once in a while. An upgrade on your system every 2 years is essential for a smooth-running computer. Connect your PC to the internet. In windows 10 go to the start menu and head to setting > Update and Security > Check for updates. Download and install what pops up next on your screen. Now reboot and do the same until the update check fails to return a new entry. 

Security and Antivirus Installation

Computer repair Lynnwood suggests making sure your new PC is protected against viruses & malware. The free basic antivirus available across the web does the initial job. You can find Microsoft security essentials already installed on your system by default. Other than if your system is used for substantial internet-based work, a premium version of antivirus will be a wise option for you. Spending some amount for the upgraded premium version will keep your computer’s health well in the long run. For instance, ESET is a lightweight program to keep your system running smoothly. 


These are a few of the ‘must do’ steps when you settle a new computer at home by yourself. There is room for more updated and intelligent choices. The more you get into the usage of computers and the internet, the better you get to know about it. If you find the blog informative, share it with your gadget-lover friends who have new computers. You can also take help from computer repair Lynnwood in case you are in need of  any type of repairment.