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The islands invoke the dream of paradise: To have an escape from the battle of life and a perfect sand spot where you can chill out under the palm trees gazing at the blue sea. So let us find some of The Most Beautiful and Famous Islands in the World You know that all the Islands are not the same. The beauty of the sea area depends on the ocean surrounding. We always search for a special, bright beachside filled with coral reefs.

Some other islands belong to wild jungles,  huge mountains, and very often the travelers are enchanted by the culture. Though it is an awesome beach, beautiful land surface, or any native culture,  the islands are far from your working schedule but bring you to your comfort zone.

From Seychelles to Santorini and the Caribbean to Capri, In this article, you can search for your dream paradise. There are the most suitable islands in the world for you.

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The Maldives

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The Maldives belongs to many gorgeous islands in the world,  but it’s the sea that keeps the island shining. Dazzling deep blue water comets to the shore from the  Indian Ocean.

The Maldives has consisted of 26 natural coral islands, the Maldives is the lowest-lying nation in the universe. Even the high point of the earth is no more than three meters to the sea, a measurement retreats every year.

Under the fascinating water, coral reefs are shining, the divers are attracted by these coral reefs. The divers come here as groups to do their tasks.

The luxurious resorts give you perfect floating areas to have the sea adventure for their guests. This is the best advantage in this place. But you have to be ready for the climatic changes as it’s a global factor.

Accommodations in the Maldives.

Bora Bora in French Polynesia

This is made like a huge hat, this luxurious volcanic island is famous in many South Pacific locations. The focusing points and the best benefits of this natural amazing shoreline are the order of different color filters. The fish, turtles, sharks, and rays go through the clear water and the shoreline.

The island is obviously French and the delicious foods go well with the French theme. You can go diving and snorkeling around these marvelous coral reefs. There are hiking travels within the palm trees-covered forests.

If you have the possibility to go there, stay in the luxurious water bungalow.  Set in your treasure and feel the comfort with the sound of the wave splashing in the sea.

Palawan in Philippines.

This is an amazing island in the Philippines in other words, a’ heaven-like place.  The island area spreads southwest to Borneo, with a range of limestone standing from the clear blue sea. You will see the behavior of the pack of sea fishes clearly on the surface.

The Silver shining white sand beaches are adorned with palm trees of jungle-wrapped islands. Meanwhile, the coral reefs are gathering under the water with many types of fish. You are given the best diving experience in the world.

Some more attractions on this island are like own wildlife,  greeny lakes, picturesque fishing villages. The Coron is the main of luxurious resorts, and the El Nido is filled with natural beauty and an attractive island belonged to the chain. And moreover, you can bounce around the glorious Bacuit archipelago.

The Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park is one of the top attractions in the world heritage and is located in Palawan’s. This is a limestone area with a long underground river.


This is an undefined and impressive traveling area. Located in the East of Kenya an untouched island of 115 coral and granite resources is included in this attraction. The jungles and the wide coral reefs, palm tree lines, sand beaches are included in the UNESCO list.

Already half of these tropical islands are secured and it has become rich with marine lives, and also the best place for diving and snorkeling.

Seychelles represent the world’s best fishing grounds, therefore the island has become a paradise of lots of fishermen. Some other Seychelles attractions are like plush resorts of Mahe, Praslin, and La Digue.

Santorini in Greece

This is a location of sea filled basin-shaped top of a volcano. The striking Santonorini belongs a considerable beauty and won the heart of the world. The white villas fall down from the volcanic stone faces. Blue color churches appear as an opponent to the blue sea. The natural bougainvillea adds an astonishing texture for the natural beauty.

The black lava cliffs stores on the top, the Fira and Oia are the main of them.  The Oia is a place that has won the heart of world-class photographers.

Other symbols of Santorini are like Akrotiri, Archaeological Site, Ancient This, and the beach with black sand Perissa as well as the glorious sunset. Sailing to these impressive sea cliffs will be an unforgettable journey of your life.

The Cook Islands

If you have dreamed to go along to a beachside the South Pacific is the best, there you have the cook islands. Located between French Polynesia and Samoa and hold a tie with New Zealand.  The South Pacific has 15 amazing islands.

Island’s highest attractions are sea life shorelines, palm tree beaches, and volcanos. Mainly there are friendly communities in the South Pacific.

The Rarotonga with top resorts, mountains, and whiten beaches is the main tourist spot. Aitutaki is also another beautiful island in the South Pacific. The Hibiscus laced villas are settled in the hillsides, the 21 motus or islands are settled along the lagoon. Many of them are within the Kayak distance of the resort.

Come and shelter yourself inside the water bungalows or stay inside a beach cabin on the island. Have your Robinson Crusoe fantasies.

Bali in Indonesia

Bali’s unique and special culture is a treatment for your inner senses. The incense spreads from the Hindu temples, rice paddies shine in the greeny view, and the buds of foods are hanging. The best tasks are surfing, swimming, and sunbathing at the island beaches.  The tourists come to find with many tasks in this native islands. From the temples to walking in the countryside, spa treatments, shopping, and hiking.

Catch out your spiritual side of Ball in Ubud, go and see Seminyak, and Sanur with the family, or else, search the attractions of the near volcanic island Lombok.

Are you finding somewhere to lodge? There are many attractive beach resorts. If you are coming with the kids no matter still there are plenty of places to stay.

The best thing is Bali’s holy spirits will clean your inside like a warm wave.

The Dalmatian Islands in Croatia.

Located in the Adriatic sea of the coast of Croatia, the Dalmatian Islands are an amazing group of charming and historical icons. This beautiful island belongs to Quaint villages and wild-type hotels and restaurants. All of them are surrounded by bright sea views, Croatia’s best beaches.

Brac is on the top of the list with the beach area Zlatni Rat(Golden Horn).  Hvar gets the beauty with mysterious churches, a car-free ancient city, and the eye-catching fishing harbor. From here you can go through the beautiful Pakleni Islands, a place with clean water and hidden bays.

The next thing you must see is the Dalmatian islands with Korcula, with the red-roofed and white-washed buildings.  Finally, the saltwater area in the Mijet and uncrowded Vis.


One of Australia’s tropical locations, Fiji is marked in all beautiful places. White sand beaches, transparent aqua water, and huge coral reefs are all found here. And the Fijians are a very friendly community and welcome you warmly.

There are famous places you can go for diving, fishing in Fiji and similarly you can stay relax under a palm tree or ship into the warm seas. You are able to find the best island among 300 of them for your vacation. The luxurious famous hidden places and friendly family resorts near the Yasawa and Mamanuca groups.

Fijians love the young generation and this is a big paradise for travelers to get relaxed.


“The garden isle” is another name for the Kaua’i. Internal rainforests, waterfalls from the lava cliffs, and intoxicating natural blooms are hanging on the trees with their fragrance.

The island’s beauty does not depend on the plant’s life, its wonderful coastal is also takes place. The island is made with fixed lava near the ocean surface, the cliffs are turned into gorgeous beaches.

Under the blue seas, turtles and fish are running with the coral reefs, The divers can see these things. When comparing to the other two islands Maui and Oahu, Kaua’i is a  more tranquil area.

Don’t miss these best attractions of Kaui’s, the amazing Na Pali Coast, 10 miles Waimea Canyon and the Hanalei Bay.

St. Lucia

St. Lucia spreads a dark and gloomy beauty. This island is not like the other Caribbean islands, its best attraction is not the beaches though the sand grounds with palm trees are famous. The island itself drowned in the display. The Pitons, volcanos, the luxurious landscapes, the sea area of 700 islands, and the beautiful scenery.

The forest with coconut trees, waterfalls, coral reefs, natural features, and the hot springs are some sights on St. Lucia. The main icins are MArigot Bay and Anse Chastanet Marine Park. There is influenced a French vibe on this island.

Capri in Italy.

The charming Capri, located 20 Kilometers from the Amalfi Coast, makes all the advertisements. The sea and the rising cliffs from the Tyrrhenian Sea are covered by the colorful sea.

The best tourist attraction is the stunning blue cave, where native visitors sail by small boats and sing opera songs.

When you arrive at the Marina Grande port, take up the cableway to the town Capri, make you feel like a  movies scene. The balconies in the shopping stores are filled with stylish shopping bags, the latest designs of clothes, and their own perfumes.

Anacapri is a town you must visit during your vacation, and go up to Monte Solar for the amazing views of the island and the ocean.

Ko Phi Phi in Thailand

This is a small island in the Krabi province of Thailand. The prolific limestone, mountain ranges are rising from the sea and warm water on the palm tree beaches.

Though the KO Phi Phi was threatened by the 2004 tsunami now all are restored. Its natural beauty still memorizes the famous movie, Leonardo DiCaprio. The Beach was made at Maya Beach on the near island KO Phi Phi Leh.

Ko Phi Phi Don is a populated island that provides trips to near islands. The tasks you can do are swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Don’t forget the Mokey Beach popular for the residents.

Whitsunday Islands in Australia.

This is spread along the Great Barrier Reef which is a world heritage.  The Whitsunday Islands are a method of Australia’s tropical paradises. These 74 islands are standing on the hills rising from the blue Coral Sea.

The best thing you will find to do in Whitsunday is sailing, and diving is superb with fish groups next to the coral reefs.  This is a breakable natural area secured by six national parks and you can find many hiking areas.

There are lodgings in front of the sea views, eco-friendly family resorts like Hayman Island and Qualia on Hamilton Island.

Make a note to visit the silicon sand beach Whitehaven Beach, Similarly, Australia’s famous beach located on Whitsunday Island.

However, Airlie Beach is the starting point of the Whitsunday journies.

Sardinia in Italy.

Delightful sand beaches, seaside mountains, delicious foods, a unique mixture of culture, and ancient island properties. So why don’t you love this Italian island?

This charming Costa Smeralda is famous among visitors. The Emerald Coast, with the rocky caves and the beautiful sea. This large Mediterranean island stands for many attractions. Sardinia owns the largest gulf in Europe, Gola Su Gorropu: historical sites, the fascinating town Alghero, and the streets of Cagliari, the capital.

Spend some time in the best hotels and resorts.  During this time period, you can travel to the different coastal areas and explore the beautiful views.


This is a kingdom of many movie actors and nobles around the world,  because of the sensational views. You can have a delicious taste of France in the area, this wins the heart of the travelers.

The silver beaches are one of the best attractions in St. Barts, wichs expand through all the coastline, around the green hills. Another best factor is the privacy and the isolation provided to the visitors, this wins the heart of them.  But note that all these services are under the charges. This is one of the high-end resorts in the Caribbean islands, but you gain something more than the money value.  You can install yourself in these private spots or hotels. Have the French-type foods as you wish, and spend the wealthy life well.

The Bahamas

This dreamy place is located in the Caribbean hideaway in The Bahamas. There are nearly 700 islands and a population of more than 2,000.  The top attraction on this island is perfect beaches and the natural coral reefs, where superb shopping and dining are available.

Are you searching for free stores, multiple resorts, and funny tasks? Reach to the capital of Nassau,  a famous port on the island of New Providences, a go and book a place in the Grand Bahama. If you are interested in fishing, Bimini is the best area. If not you can see the underwater world. These long Islands and Andros have the best diving and fishing systems.

Or if you need to stay on the sandy beach washed by the blue water, go straight to the Out Islands, such as Exumas, Abacos, and Eleuthera. Are you willing to enjoy on a pink sand beach, head up to Harbor Island and have some fun?

It is so simple to decide where you should go for the vacation, you have the possibility to find ideal places to stay. With all the luxury resorts to the family. In conclusion, You have the possibility to select your best-dreaming paradise according to your budget.

If you find the given article supports you to get some knowledge of the best islands, be kind to leave your ideas in the below comment section.

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