(Last Updated On: June 25, 2023)

After three days of space, the first orbital mission in history, with no professional astronauts, was completed by four SpaceX tourists safely back to Earth on Saturday.

According to SpaceX Video feeding, four gigantic parachutes slowed down before splintering into the Atlantic Sea off the coast of Florida at 7:06 pm before the dragon capsule whose heat shield enabled the drop to survive (23:06 GMT).

Splashdown! @Inspiration4x, welcome back to planet Earth! pic.twitter.com/94yLjMBqWt

September 18, 2021 — SpaceX (@SpaceX)

“We were a bumper on our voyage and we’re just starting,” billionaire skipper Jared Isaacman remarked soon after arriving. Isaacman financed the voyage with the intention of making space more accessible.

Before the door was opened, a SpaceX boat rapidly gathered the capsule, and the space tourists exited one by one, beaming and waving their arms in the air.

You then headed towards the Kennedy Space Centre, where your mission had begun the day before.

The stated purpose of the mission, named Inspiration 4, was to promote spatial democratization by showing that those not trained or selected for years cannot enter the universe.

“Congratulations @Inspiration4x!!!” says the author. Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX, tweeted after the landing.

Happy. Healthy. Home.

 @ArceneauxHayley, @rookisaacman, @DrSianProctor, and @ @ChrisSembroski! Welcome back to Earth! The aim of #Inspiration4 doesn’t end here; join us in raising $200 million for @StJude! https://t.co/NBUL2e3f4x pic.twitter.com/hhNQydWVJJ https://t.co/NBUL2e3f4x

September 19, 2021 — Inspiration4 (@inspiration4x)

Three days ago the four-space rookies, Isaacman and three other Americans traveled on the planet earth more than 15 times a day, at a distance of around 575 kilometers (357 miles).

The other three seats were provided to strangers by Isaacman, who paid SpaceX tens of millions of dollars: Hayley Arceneaux, a 29-year-old nurse; Sian Proctor, a 51-year-old academic; and Chris Sembroski, 42, a US Air Force veteran.

The 38-year-old Shift4 Payments entrepreneur and a seasoned pilot nevertheless failed to disclose the exact cost of this operation.

During the journey, participants tracked for the vital indicators of heart rate, sleep, blood oxygen, and cognitive to study the impact of space on total newcomers. They also observed the capsule’s new observation dome, spoke with actor Tom Cruise from the ship, ate pizza, and listened to music.

The crew of @Inspiration4x, the world’s first all-civilian human spaceflight, has returned to Earth in this pic. twitter.com/pnjkDjnkAw

September 18, 2021 — SpaceX (@SpaceX)

The second space epoch

At a press conference following the landing, mission director Todd Ericson declared, “Welcome to the second space era.”

“Space flight becomes far more accessible to average men and women” with its completion.

During the trip, there was just one minor problem with the toilet system of the capsule, which Ericson stated quickly overcome.

“This is the best ride I’ve ever had!” After exiting the capsule, Proctor sent out a tweet.

St Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, a leading facility in Tennessee, benefited greatly from the mission. Arceneaux was treated there as a child and continues to work there now.

The crew brought along other objects, such as a ukulele, performed live from the vessel by Sembroski on Friday and now auctioned off on the hospital revenues.

Musk’s company has now transported passengers to and from space three times, following the return of two NASA missions, one in August 2020 and the other in May of this year. Both were astronauts returning from the International Space Station.

Unlike NASA astronauts, the members of the Inspiration4 mission did not travel to the International Space Station but instead remained in orbit around the Earth.

The space adventure follows a summer that saw billionaires Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos battle it out to reach the last frontier. Their individual suborbital missions, on the other hand, only provided a few minutes of zero gravity.

More space tourism flights are currently being planned by SpaceX. Benji Reed, the head of Human Space Flights at Space X, points out “this has indeed greatly increased the number of people who come to us from our sales and marketing portals.”

The next expedition, with three businessmen on board, is scheduled for January 2022.