How to wipe cache on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

How to wipe cache on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

In this post, we are going to teach you how to wipe your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2  Actually, every Android device has Cache partition. this partition contains temporary files such  as temporary system data for everyday tasks, temporary third party app data for everyday tasks, logs files and all other junk files..

Wipe cache on Samsung Galaxy

Why we want to Wipe cache on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Now why we want to delete them? Think your web browser cache cookies.. these things help to load things quickly when you revisit those web pages or load your favorite apps but sometimes those stored caches and cookies cause more problem.. (slow down your net speed, error messages) that time it is a good idea to delete the cache cookies in your web browser. as wel as in the Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 , Caches files help us but sometimes it cause more problem.

If you rooted your android phone or installing Stock Rom or installing Custom Rom or other mods in recovery, it is a good idea to wipe both cache and the dalvik cache at minimum before installing anything because of phone has still old temporary files. After wiping cache, you will not lost any Videos, photos, messages

When you wipe cache on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2, it will resolve many problems:

  • Slow performance of third party applications
  • Slow performance of system applications
  • Slow boot
  • Black Screen of Death
  • Apparently random errors and failures
  • High CPU or RAM usage
  • Lag in the User Interface

Wipe cache on Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

Media Server failed. Camera needs to restart

  1. Charge your android phone up to 40%
  2. Switch off Samsung Galaxy Grand 2 (by pressing power key)
  3. Press and hold “Volume up+Home key +power key”
  4. Select “wipe Cache partition” (by pressing Volume buttons)
  5. Select “Yes” (by pressing power key)
  6. This process may take one minit

Congratulations you have been successfully wiped your Samsung Galaxy Grand 2

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