Top 7 Free TV Apps for Watching TV Shows and Movies

7 Free TV Apps for Watching TV Shows and Movies

Research shows that an average American spends more than four hours a day watching TV.
This shows that TV is still in business. However, the use of streaming apps that provide free
access to shows and movies is on the rise. Many people are switching over to faster internet
connections to watch high definition shows online. I recently subscribed to a Spectrum internet
package to use my YouTube TV subscription to full effect. Watching shows in HD is really
enjoyable now.

You can also subscribe to faster internet and download streaming apps to watch free shows and
movies. Continue reading below to find out about the best apps for this purpose.


YouTube TV is a great option that is available for free. There’s a lot of TV-related content
available already on YouTube itself. For example, TLC and AMC upload their content regularly
on YouTube. However, YouTube TV is an ideal choice if you are looking for free access to more
and premium TV shows. Feel free to stream the available content as downloading it may allow
malware to enter your computer. You can stream movies, cartoons for kids, and documentaries
as well.


Crackle is widely regarded by many users as the go-to choice for watching movies and TV
shows for free. The service is for free but you will have to watch a few ads during the stream.
However, since it’s for free the ads aren’t much of a problem for most users!
One downside to Crackle is the unavailability of recent TV shows. It doesn’t feature the latest
programs that you would normally find on other streaming options such as Netflix, HBO, or
Hulu. With that said, you can watch many older TV shows such as Charlie’s Angels, Unsolved
Mysteries, etc.

PBS Kids

Are you looking for free TV shows for your child? Well, PBS Kids is just the place you should be
starting from! Download the PBS Kids Video app. Once done, make sure to explore all their
content. You’ll notice that some of it is for free while the other is premium. There’s also a live TV
option in the app and you can utilize it for live streaming.

On the PBS app, you can get access to many popular and classic TV shows for children. Your
child can watch shows the likes of Sesame Street, Wild Kratts, and Curious George. You can
download this app on a tablet and introduce your child to the app. It’s quite user friendly. You
can also track their activity and make sure they’re only watching the most educational shows!

Funny or Die

If you’re looking for good comedy shows then this is the app you need to download asap! With
many hours of in-house and free streaming content, Free or Die will keep you entertained! Here,
you will get access to both long and short comedy videos to keep you light-headed throughout
the day!
It’s a great app without a shadow of a doubt. There’s a “Quarantine Binge” section that’ll help
you get through the pandemic. There’s another list of special shows online under “social
distancing approved”. This is a great app to help one relax and stay cool-minded.

Pluto TV

On Pluto TV you can watch a wide range of content that includes TV shows, news, sports, and
movies! The app boasts excellent organization and you can easily access what you’re looking
for. What sets Pluto TV apart from the others is that most of their content is for free. You can
easily watch popular shows and content such as Doctor Who, Forensic Fire, Hell’s Kitchen, and
Fairly Oddparents here!

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is an initiative of FOX Entertainment. You can get access to free content here. Note
that the Tubi TV app has agreements with Paramount Pictures and MGM. As a result, you can
watch their programs for free. With that said, you will have to watch ads here. It’s still a great
app that will provide you free content you won’t find anywhere else.


FlixTor comes with great UI and very few ads. Moreover, you can watch pretty much all the new
shows and movies for free. If you’re looking for more, you can sign up for their VIP content. The
navigation is also quite simple but the great plus point is only a few ads. Make sure to check the
app out!
All of the above are great options if you want to watch content online. Just subscribe to a good
internet package for smooth and lag-free streaming – I'm glad I selected the best one from
the Spectrum packages. With the help of these apps, whenever I have the time, I can watch my
favorite show at will!

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