(Last Updated On: January 25, 2023)

Home improvement is a great idea to start a year positively. Include these tasks in your to-do list this year.

Improved flooring

Remove the worn-looking carpet from your living room and replace it with hardwood flooring. The cost of high-quality hardwood flooring might seem pretty high, but you can save some money by installing it yourself. Give the carpet a thorough DIY carpet cleaning if it’s still in good condition. Give the carpet a thorough DIY carpet cleaning if it’s still in good condition.

Repair a ripped window screen

Most window screens eventually need to be repaired, whether it’s due to a falling tree, some overzealous paws, or normal wear and tear. Additionally, while a little rip may be repaired, a full screen can also be changed. This is a fantastic DIY home improvement project for beginners since it will help keep pests out of your house while also improving the aesthetics of your windows or screen doors.

The supplies for this repair are inexpensive and will last, so you’ll have them on hand the next time a screen is damaged. It is simple to purchase a roll of replacement screening and the rubber spline that holds it in place. A spline roller also facilitates a rapid and simple replacement. A flat screwdriver or an old credit card may frequently be used to snap the spline into position. The spline roller, however, facilitates the process and lowers the possibility of spline damage during installation. A spline roller is also quite durable.

Make your house a safer place

You may have 24/7 dependable video monitoring around your house or place of business with the help of a security camera system, which offers a complete video surveillance system that is connected by a number of security cameras and network video recorders.

Change the roof

A new roof not only provides improved protection but also improves the outside appeal of your home. DreamWorks Remodeling is dedicated to providing our customers with the greatest home improvement project in New Jersey.