Bowling is a different kind of therapeutic experience that mixes entertainment and stress relief. When you feel like relieving some pent-up anger or having fun with your family, coworkers, friends, or club members, then the Christchurch bowling club might be the place you have been looking for.

And if you are new to the sport, do not worry, you just need a ball the right size, and you can start knocking down some pins.

Reasons you will love bowling

People still find bowling entertaining and healthy, despite its popularity dwindling. And in New Zealand, youth between 19 and 29 years find themselves having visited a bowling alley at least once before they hit 30. Which is good, but why do they enjoy the sport so much?

1. It is the perfect stress reliever

Whenever you find something else to concentrate on, you find yourself worrying less about the things stuck in your mind. That is what bowling does for you. Once you release the ball, you focus on how many pins you will knock down.

At Christchurch bowling club, you get to boost your moods at the best ten-pin bowling experience in Auckland City.

2. You meet new people

Walking into the club, you will notice people of all ages trying to score a strike at the alleys. And when they do, they step back, take a seat, and have some friendly banter with their friends or coworkers.

You also get to experience what it is like to have a bowling friend. You can interact with like-minded people, and if you need something to break the ice, talk about bowling.

3. You feel included

Bowling is one of the few games not restricted by gender or age. You walk into Christchurch bowling club and feel welcome to join any alley with your friends. And if it starts raining, do not worry; no one will cut your fun short.

Bowling also has health benefits that you can enjoy from the exercise of lifting and throwing the ball at the ten-pin bowling alley. Come as you are because we provide all the required equipment for you to have a fun-filled day.

Why you should play with us

When searching for a suitable venue to enjoy your birthday, Christmas, or corporate event, and you are considering ten-pin bowling in Auckland city, Christchurch bowling club is the place to be.

You get to experience unbeatable event spaces and indoor activities for people of all ages. You can book your slot today and enjoy your day full of fun and bowling.

We offer parking space. So, if you come in a truck, bike, or van, you do not need to worry about where you will park your car. You can park your car right outside the bowling zone and walk right in.

We are open Monday to Saturday for the perfect mix of fun. Do not mix the opportunity to have fun together with your loved ones.

Find your spot today by booking a slot online and enjoying your day with your friends and loved ones.