It’s hardly a secret: Tudor is owned by Rolex. It explains why, for the longest time, it’s known in the watchmaking industry as the poor man’s Rolex, offering watches with great value for money.

Tudor watches are generally regarded as a cheaper alternative for people who cannot afford a Rolex. But, while it’s the case, they’re guaranteed to offer the same quality and reliability and carry the same rich history and interesting heritage as their premium counterparts.

While the brand wasn’t officially established until 1946, its history as a watchmaker can be traced back two decades earlier. In 1927, a Genevan watchmaker called the house of Veuve de Philippe Hüther registered the Tudor trademark under Hans Wilsdorf, the same man who founded Rolex. Today, the brand enjoys a reputation for manufacturing high-quality watches, both for men and women, each prized for its style, aesthetics, functionality, and precision.

The Early Years of Tudor

Tudor released its first watches sometime in 1932 in Australia. These watches were rectangular with beveled edges and were distinguished by a minimalist Tudor signature on the dial. However, some of these watches also carried the Rolex name to make the association. Some others bore the name Catanach’s—one of the oldest jewelers and a retailer of Tudor watches in Australia at that time.

The inaugural collection featured references for both men and women, sporting an Art Deco aesthetic. In particular, the Tudor watches for women are decorated with intricate engraving on the case and gem-set winding crowns. It also had dress watches, all of which were exclusively distributed by the best jewelry shops in Australia.

By the time of the transfer of the Tudor brand to Wilsdorf in 1936, the watchmaker adopted a new logo, featuring a rose within a shield. It’s said to be a representation of strength and beauty—qualities that Tudor is mostly known for.

The Best Tudor Watches for Women

The onset of WWII briefly took a toll on Tudor’s early success. But, following the war, Tudor gradually made efforts to bounce back, starting from shedding the shield on its logo. It left only the rose, which further emphasized the brand’s commitment to style and elegance. Nevertheless, it wasn’t at the expense of the durability and technical prowess with which it is associated.

In the post-war era, Tudor launched its first water-resistant watches that targeted both men and women customers. The women’s models were aimed particularly at modern women with active lifestyles. In the years that follow, the union of strength and beauty has continued to serve as the brand’s guiding principle for their approach to women’s watches.

It has been evident in the watch offerings it has launched throughout history. These included the Clair de Rose, Glamour, Princess Oyster Date, and Princess Date Submariner, to name a few.

1.    Classic Date Automatic Black Dial 22013-0003

Easily one of Tudor’s most in-demand women’s watches, the Classic Date watches are available in several colorways. However, this model is eye-catching with its black dial that features yellow gold hands. It’s presented in a modest 28mm stainless steel case with yellow gold accents, sapphire crystal, and a matching steel bracelet. Inside is the Tudor Calibre 2671 automatic movement that boasts 38 hours of power reserve and 100m water resistance.

2.    Royal Automatic Blue Dial 28300-0007

With its dainty 28mm stainless steel case, this Royal Automatic watch is one of the few Tudor watches that can seamlessly get you from work mode to date night in no time. Its blue dial adds a pop of color to its otherwise monochromatic look while providing a contrasting background to the diamond markers and silver-tone hands. The watch has an automatic Calibre T201 movement with a power reserve of approximately 38 hours, 100m water resistance, and a date window at 3 o’clock.

3.    Glamour Date Automatic Silver Dial 51000-0005

With its silver jacquard dial, this Glamour Date automatic watch exudes class and style in a subtle way. Its silver hands, 26mm stainless steel case, matching steel bracelet, and sapphire crystal further adds to its feminine look that appeals to today’s modern women. This model is powered by the self-winding Calibre 2671 automatic movement and has a power reserve of 38 hours. It’s also waterproof up to 100 meters, making it a watch that is as stylish as it’s functional.

4.    Princess Date Automatic Champagne Linen Dial 92513-0012

The Princess Date is by far one of the most esteemed collections Tudor has to offer. It has a wide range of well-crafted, dainty watches that emphasize quality, aesthetics, and precision. A case in point is this model that features an elegant champagne dial. It features a 23mm stainless steel case and a matching bracelet with accents of 18K yellow gold. Beating inside is the ETA 2671-25J automatic movement with 48 hours of power reserve.

5.    Clair de Rose Automatic Mother of Pearl Dial 35401-0041

Effortless and refined. These words pretty sum up the elegant watches this collection has to offer. Made of fine stainless steel with cases ranging from 30mm to 34mm in diameter and dials comprising unique materials, Clair de Rose watches add a bold edge to a rather feminine look. This model, for example, features a Mother of Pearl dial with black skeleton hands. This is housed in a 41mm stainless steel case and a matching steel bracelet. It is powered by an automatic movement with 38 hours of power reserve and water resistance of up to 100 meters.

What Makes Tudor a Great Watch

Most of today’s Tudor watches draw inspiration from the brand’s vintage models. But, they have been updated with larger cases, the latest in-house movements, and advanced materials. They take cues from the best parts of Tudor’s illustrious history and repackage them in a way that appeals to the modern market.

Tudor watches may not be as cheap as what its moniker, “poor man’s Rolex” implies. But, their prices are certainly reasonable given the quality of craftsmanship and skills that go into manufacturing each piece. This brand is truly worth checking out for yourself!