(Last Updated On: August 29, 2022)

La Mer is a famous beach district developed by Meraas Holding. Situated in Jumeirah 1 area, the beach stretches up to the sea and presents an attractive destination to relax. The entire beach is dotted with murals, art, and palm trees. Plus, tons of leisure activities and dining venues are available that will take your breath away.

As a beachfront destination, La Mer is very advanced. You can take your family along and bask in the sun. This Dubai hub shows the promising dedication of the city towards tourism. 

There is so much to do here that will leave you amazed. The aura and charm of the venue are scintillating. And if you are planning to hit this beach with your close ones, La Mer is a terrific choice. 

What is La Mer All About?

La Mer Beach is situated in the Jumeirah 1 district and it expands along the sea to present mesmerizing views of the city skyline and Arabian Gulf. If you want your day to be filled with relaxation, then visit this beach to soak in sunlight, sway on a hammock, or stretch on the golden sand. 

If you are an art enthusiast, you will love the murals and graffiti that flawlessly pair the urban and minimalist styles together, ensuring a treat for your eyes. Palm tree boulevards, timber walkways, and promenades are loaded with shopping stalls, ice cream parlors, bars, and eateries to boost the charm of the venue.

A water park is also present on the beachfront known as Laguna Waterpark, which is best for adults and children, both. This waterpark ensures a thrilling time with the water Ries and artificial waves. With an abundance of experiences, the visitors will praise the beach for the attractive sites. 

Properties in La Mer Beach

With the focus on waterfront La Mer Dubai apartments for sale, many tasteful properties are available in the region. For instance:

3 to 5 bedroom flats at Port de La Mer, La Sirene, La Voile, La Rive Port de La Mer, Le Ciel. These are districts within the bigger La Mer Beach, each with scenic views of Arabian Gulf. 

La Mer Beach Architecture

Admiring the architecture of the beach, one can notice many things. The name La Mer indicates a laid-back French town by the coast. It’s decorated with wooden boards and dotted with palm trees and string lights dancing above the adorable pastel hued shacks. 

The wrecked boats and surfboards wedged in the sand, driftwood, ropes, rusty anchors, and perky signboards amplify the beauty of the venue. The hammocks swaying with the breeze add a peaceful vibe to the beach. 

And the water park in the region is inspired by a vibrant district in Argentina known as La Boca. The contemporary beachfront paired with turquoise water, eclectic theme, and golden sand reflect the best aesthetics.

What Can You Expect While Visiting La Mer Beach?

A leisure hub and an upscale entertainment hotspot, this sandy beach includes above 130 retail stores, bars, cafes, and ice cream parlors. Lots of licensed restaurants are found on the beach that serve indulgent cuisines. 

The Laguna Waterpark and beach activities are prominent attractions at the beach. Although the beach is free to enjoy, you can rent out portions of the beach or watersports if you wish. La Mer is also a stellar venue if you prefer a fun nightlife.


Lots of classic eateries are open at the beachfront that serve delicious cuisines and revive your taste buds. Let’s have a look at some of the best La Mer restaurants:

  • Amorino Gelato Cafe

For everyone with a sweet tooth, look no further. This cafe is focused on serving you sweet treats to fulfill your sugar cravings. Their food is cooked with organic ingredients, which means you can eat your heart out without any worries.

  • Bare Burger 

This popular burger joint focuses on making organic burgers for the visitors at the beach. Their burgers are cooked without any added additives or preservatives. But even without these harmful additives, the burger tastes equally good, which is almost hard to believe.

  • Levee Cafe and Lounge 

This cafe comes with an aesthetic beach lounge vibe. The glamorous ambience of the venue will instantly instill relaxation in you. Enjoy the scenery or grab a coffee at Levee Cafe while sitting in a cozy spot. 

  • Makan

This is another restaurant that serves mouthwatering Middle Eastern cuisine on the plate. All the dishes served are absolutely yummy and authentic. Your taste buds will thank you after having a lovely time at Makan. 

Shopping Hubs in La Mer Beach

The La Mer Beach district is not only laced with premium restaurants and cafes, but also comes with plenty of retailer chains to boost your style while you are at the beach having fun. Now, let’s see which shops are the best here.

  • I Sea

This is a venue dedicated to offering trendy and cool eyewear to shield your eyes from the sunlight along with making you look like a fashion icon. 

This branded store has a diverse product inventory that deals with sunglasses, frames, and high-quality contact lenses made with the latest technology. One can also consider specialized eye testing.

  • L’Aqua

This is an international swimwear brand that manufactures swimwear for the whole family. If you want to own comfortable swimwear tailored to your fit, look no further.

  • Beach Bunny

This is another swimwear brand, which is a resort-wear brand for chic ladies. The styles of these swimwear pieces stand out from the rest. For those who want to strike a bold statement, no other brand will be perfect for you. 

Places to Visit in La Mer Beach

Read through the list of main tourist attractions that you should visit on your trip to La Mer Beach. So, scroll down and read along!

  • Laguna Waterpark 

This Dubai waterpark is themed after a vibrant Argentina village known as La Boca. When you’re at La Mer Beach, make sure to drop your kids here. The theme park is brimming with 5 different water slides that offer the right excitement to the kids. 

There is also a splash pad and family raft ride for some quality time as a family. The surf experience with Wave OZ 180 Flowrider is a popular choice here. You can also rest at cabanas while your children have fun. In short, Laguna Waterpark is an exhilarating spot.

  • Hawa Hawa 

This is another perfect spot for toddlers and children. Hawa Hawa is an inflatable playground where kids can enjoy daytime hours in two distinctly shaped dunes and 7 peaks that ensure great fun. 

If you are someone who enjoys beachfront shopping hubs, an upscale grub at the beach, or just lazing around, then it is a must to visit La Mer Beach. This is a fine addition to Dubai’s contemporary landscape. 

Therefore, don’t forget to hit this beach the next time you are in Dubai, stroll around the beachfront, and take in the laid-back vibe.