We can barely imagine our life without phones. Technology development has been demonstrating outstanding results. Gadgets that were super cool two years ago are now a thing of the past. It is excellent to observe such changes that make our life different. And it is even more remarkable when you have to write a paper about it.

Writing a 7-page essay on technology development might be a daunting task. You can spend hours composing an essay. And it is easy to get distracted or write anything unrelated to the topic. Reading this article, you will get a clear picture of how to write a 7-page paper quickly and almost effortlessly.

Decide On The Technology Branch

Technology is a broad term. It covers medicine, agriculture, education, and many more. If you want to make your essay stand out, you have to choose your topic and make it as concise as possible. Decide what is interesting for you. If it is education, think of how you can narrow down the topic to write an accurate essay.

Many students fall into the trap of broad and generalized writing. They are prone to writing papers without delving into details. As a result, they seek help, saying, “I am looking for anyone who can write an essay for me, please. It”s urgent!”

Of course, you can benefit from using writing services. They will make your essay bold and clear. But don”t you want to craft this 7-page essay on your own and be a real hero to yourself? If your answer is positive, then work on narrowing down the topic.

Evaluate Its Development

Once you have a precise topic, you have to kick off with assessing how it has developed throughout the years. Read diverse literature, newspapers, and articles that talk about your topic. Not only will it enrich your knowledge of the subject, but it will also help you come up with ideas for your thesis statement. Reading literature and watching various videos can be satisfying. However, don”t forget that you have seven pages ahead of you that need to be finished on time. If you want to meet the deadline, of course.

Research The Topic

When you understand how technology developed, it is time to look for reliable sources to include in your paper. By reliable, we mean authoritative and academic that can be used when backing up your arguments. You can find trusted sources on pages like Google Scholar, JSTOR, ResearchGate, and some verified newspapers. Also, you can make use of a library. However, make sure all the sources are updated. They must be published within the last five years.

When it comes to the number of sources, you have to be careful. Students make common mistakes and add a dozen of sources to their papers. As a rule, one academic page—which is 275 words—has to have only one source. That means, if you have to write a 7-page paper, your essay must have seven sources. However, follow this rule if your professor or academic institution doesn’t have unique requirements.

Enlist Pros and Cons

Every notion has its advantages and disadvantages. Technology is not an exception. If you are thorough enough, you will see some distinct downsides. Make sure to add them to your paper and find scholarly material to prove it. In this instance, you can follow the argumentative paper”s structure, where counterarguments are listed in the last body paragraph.

Write A Thesis

A thesis statement is a fundamental component of every essay. It usually appears at the end of the introductory paragraph. A thesis statement serves as a roadmap for the readers, showing them the points you will develop within your paper. A thesis statement must be condensed and accurate. For example, if you write about Augmented Reality in education as technology development, your thesis might be as follows:

Augmented Reality”s advancement not only has benefits, such as cost-effectiveness and efficient learning outcomes, but it also has the most potent drawback, such as limited functions.

You are free to write a brief version of your thesis statement and modify it later.

Outline The Paper

Outlining is one of the most effective activities in essay writing. An outline helps you remain organized. Also, it saves you bags of time, which is vitally important when writing a 7-page essay. Such a layout doesn’t have any specific structure, so you can write it in whatever format. We would recommend writing the first sentence to every section. It will make you stay focused. Plus, your chances of writing any additional and unnecessary information will be much lower if you have an outline.

Write The First Draft

When you have the plan, you can proceed to draft the paper. The main benefit of drafting is that it helps you stimulate your brain and keep it working at a high level. Don”t be bothered with eventual mistakes. You will correct them later. The most important thing is to write your first version of the essay quickly to have some sort of backbone. Once you have it, you have completed 80 percent of your work.


Now, it is time to edit the paper. Although editing can be a real pain in the neck, it is an essential step toward a high grade. Start with simple reading. Read your paper out loud and highlight anything that is abnormal. Keep reading until you finish. Correct highlighted sections and reread the essay. Now it is better, isn’t it?

You may repeat the process till your paper is polished to shine. Don”t hesitate to use some helpful tools, such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor. Those are top-notch apps that will help you make your 7-page essay peerless and splendid.

And this is it. If you liked the guide, please share it with anyone who struggles with writing extensive papers on technology development. Also, ensure checking other articles on this web page.