(Last Updated On: August 26, 2023)

In recent times many AirPods users have claimed that their AirPods get disconnected after a few minutes of connecting and they can’t fix it permanently. After knowing the problem,  we have found out the reasons behind it and discovered an effective solution regarding this problem. 

If you are one of them who is also confronting problems with your AirPods connection, don’t get tense about it. You just need to follow the right way to solve it.

In this write-up, we have come up with a number of solutions to resolve AirPods’ keep cutting out problem. Hopefully, after reading out the entire context, you’ll be able to find the reason and the solution of the problem and that can be done on your own. So, stay tuned and keep reading. 

What Caused AirPods Keeping Out Problem? 

Before moving into the solution, you have to know why the problem happens, then you can identify what solution you should execute. Here are the reasons that cause the airpods to keep cutting out

  1. Battery power is one of the most common reasons that leads Bluetooth audio to cut out. And due to the failure of headphone batteries, the audio source battery may fail, but it won’t cut the audio in or out but disconnect the Bluetooth connection. 
  1. Sometimes can turn on or off automatically due to faulty Bluetooth scanning or lack of application permission to change the connectivity settings of your phone. 
  1. There are some gadgets that use the updated version of Bluetooth that could work with older headphones and devices some may not. It is not always easy to attach various devices or can cut up the audio in and out. 

How to Fix AirPods Keep Cutting Out[The Best Effective Solution]

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So, we are in the main segment of the article where we have described a couple of solutions that will aid you in fixing AirPods and keep cutting out problems. 

Method-1: Keep AirPods and Phone Closer

Don’t move far away from your phone; otherwise, your connection will be disconnected. Keep your phone less than 30 feet to avoid the problem. 

Method-2: Proper Audio Setting

Make sure that you have selected your AirPods as an Audio device because they are in your device, but if it is not done yet, follow the steps below. 

  1. Run music on your iPhone. Click the “Airplay icon” below the track
  2. Select your AirPods from the options. 
  3. During the call, make sure that you have AirPods that are selected from the audio option on the screen. 
  4. When you are on call, you can also alter the audio source by tapping on the speaker icon. 

Method-3: Reconnects AirPods With Phone

Reconnecting AirPods can solve the cutting out problem. If your AirPods start disconnecting from your phone, reconnect both devices. Just keep your AirPods or AirPods Max in the charging box for a while and then connect them again.

Method-4: Check Bluetooth

Inspect that the Bluetooth is activated in your AirPods device. 

  • Open the Control Center on the iPhone or iPad and ensure that the Bluetooth is on. 
  • Additionally, navigate to the Bluetooth Settings. A green signal should be displayed that Bluetooth is active. 

If you still get AirPods keep cutting out problems, follow the below steps. 

  • Go to the Bluetooth Settings, turn it off
  • Wait at least 15 seconds
  • Turn your Bluetooth  on again
  • Connect your AirPods then

Method-5: Turn off Automatic Detection

Automatic ear detection feature should be stopped as it can disconnect the audio especially if you tend to wriggle to the right or left of the AirPods while you wear it. In that case automatic ear detection disabling can help you out. To disable automatic ear detection, you can follow the below directory. 

  1. Run the setting menu or your iOS device
  2. Select the Bluetooth
  3. Choose the AirPods
  4. Toggle Automatic Ear Detection to disable 

Method-6: Clean AirPods

Sometimes due to excessive dirt on your AirPods can cause the problem. That’s why before wearing it, always make sure that they are properly cleaned.  All parts must be in pristine condition at all times. In case you’ve been neglecting them, it may be smarter to get new parts. People are often buying Apple AirPod replacements that match the color and design of the original ones. For example, white Airpods with a charging case are always available for purchase.

Method-7: Use Same AirPods All the Time

Many users have claimed that the problem occurs less often when they use only one earbud. So, you can leave the one in the charging case. 

  • You can also set your AirPods to use only one AirPods microphone
  • Move to the settings> turn on Bluetooth on your iOS device> Open AirPods case and pic AirPods
  • Tap I and choose the setting for Microphone
  •  The default settings come with a microphone that are provided by both AirPods. You may change it to the left or right depending on your wish. 

Method-8: Reset AirPods

If you still have the problem, you can reset your AirPods which is much more effective. Here is the way to reset Apple AirPods. 

  • Press and hold the setup button of AirPods at least for 15 seconds
  • Keep holding the button until the light starts flashing amber a couple of times and then flashes white
  • Your AirPods have now been fully reset. Reconnect your AirPods to your device. 

Final Thought

So, this was all about how to fix AirPods that keep cutting out. We have given 8 different methods in the above section. You can execute any of them depending on the reason that causes the AirPods cutting problem. We recommend resetting AirPods if you frequently confront the issue which is much more effective to solve the problem. Toggling Bluetooth and reconnecting your device can also aid you in getting rid of the AirPods keep cutting out as well.