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A hard reset or master reset is sometimes termed and the factory reset requires wiping of personal information, information, and settings so that the device is restored to its state of origin when it originally left the factory. Depending on your phone, there are several ways to reset the factory. Continue reading to learn why you need to reset your phone and how to do it, specifically for your Samsung Galaxy phone!

Why should I reset my phone at the factory?

Usually, a factory reset takes done prior to the transfer or sale of the used phone to a new user. If you are keen to sell your phone, it’s a very vital step!

The factory reset feature makes it the easiest option not only to keep your information safe but also to make the telephone ready for usage by a new owner. After you have transferred vital data such as contacts and images to a computer or external HDD, you should re-set the device before trading in it or selling it on online markets such as Glyde.

If there are persistent software problems, a further reason for resetting a factory on your Galaxy phone might be. The reset would ideally clear the phone off whatever could influence its performance. A plant reset can also be used to clear storage equipment. Or to preserve your personal data stored on your device in the event of loss or theft.

How to reset your Galaxy Samsung phone in the plant

Keep in mind that a factory reset deletes all of the information on the phone. All personal information, pictures, texts, contacts, custom settings, and apps will be included. Make sure you save any data you would wish to maintain before you reset your Samsung Galaxy Phone at the factory!

Factory Reset Protection removal from Google (FRP)

Many Android phones, such as Samsung Galaxy smartphones, use the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) function from Google. For a reset phone, FRP still requires the owner’s Google login. This function stops unauthorized persons from gaining access by resetting a stolen or lost phone.

You need to deactivate your Google account from your Samsung Galaxy phone before resetting if you want to disable FRP.

  1. Go to Settings that appear like a small cog or gear. Access your apps.
  2. Choose Accounts and backup to choose from.
  3. Tap accounting. Tap accounting.
  4. Choose your account with Google. Select More options (three dots).
  5. Touch Delete account and then tap Delete account again.
  6. Follow the on-screen directions to complete your Google removal process.
Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy

Use the Factory Reset Settings menu

You can delete your Google account before you reset the phone when you plan to trade or sell your phone to a new user. Once you have done this, you can use the reset menu.

Devices running an upgraded Android version can be reset by using the following steps:

  1. Tap Settings, which looks like a small cog and gear, to access your applications.
  2. Go to management. Go to general.
  3. Tap the option Reset.
  4. Choose Reset Data Factory.
  5. Tap the Reset button to scroll down through your apps.
Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy

Follow the following procedures for devices with an older version of Android:

  1. Tap Settings, which looks like a small cog and gear, to access your applications.
  2. Restart and go to the backup. Go to Privacy if this option does not work or does exist.
  3. Choose Reset Data Factory.
  4. Tap the Reset button to scroll down through your apps.

Using Find My Mobile to perform a factory reset

You can also reset your phone remotely via the Find My Mobile feature. Remove your Google account first if you want to send a new owner along with your phone!

Factory Reset Your Samsung Galaxy
  1. Go to your Samsung account and register on my mobile website.
  2. Select the Galaxy phone you wish to factory reset from the list of devices on the left side of the screen.
  3. Click Delete Data from the options underneath the device.
  4. You may see an upload and be asked to input your Samsung phone verification code. Enter the code and click Confirm. Click Continue to Remove Data
    1. If you have not received a code, you can proceed by clicking Simply Verify with text or Verify with the backup code for your computer.
    2. You may also use another Galaxy mobile to check your identification, select Check it with an SMS and then Check it with another Galaxy device.
  5. Click the Delete button in the confirmation window to confirm that you would like to reset your phone further.
  6. You are asked to enter your password for your Samsung account.Enter your password and then press the Next button.
  7. A pop-up confirm your removal of your telephone data!

With the buttons, a Samsung Galaxy is reset

The third way to reset the factory is by just using the buttons. Be sure once again that the FRP option of Google is unchecked. If the phone reaches a new user you remove your Google account.

  1. Switch off your Galaxy Samsung phone.
  2. To start the Android Recovery menu use the buttons on your device. The sort of phone you’re using depends on the button combination you need to press and hold.
If the physical button of
your phone is…
If you have a separate power
button on your phone, but
you have no home physical
If the Home or Power
the button is not on your phone…
Comprises: S6 or S7 GalaxyIncludes S8, S9, S10/S10+Comprises: Fold, X, Z flip Galaxy Note1
pHz MGeYz2FikdV6KQ2IqzqWnIrcEGGz80UKZzzIK1tozBxgdcZHN2SljcKr4ACn pOV axyexrQRUHbAtoXW6BfTxlKJis88d7y8VYZmy8esiexjAeQZJ0333yS6saqP2llr5r87Zlx8uXt8VEyxI4Bw6OrNj8Ogwb0F KUDIcV3SGEY
Press and hold simultaneously
Volume Up, Home, and Power keys. When the device vibrates, depress the Power button. When the Recovery menu displays, release the other buttons.
Press and hold
simultaneously the buttons
Volume up, Home and Power.
When the device vibrates, press and hold the Power button. When the Recovery menu displays, release the other buttons.
Simultaneously press and hold down the Volume Up and
Side buttons.
The buttons are freed when the device
vibrates and the Samsung logo appears on the screen.
  1. To pick an option, utilize the Volume Up and Volume Down buttons on the recovery menu, as well as the Power button.
  2. Select Remove all user data or Remove data/factory.
  3. confirm your choice. Confirm your decision. Depending on the device, either Yes, Yes – remove all user data, or Factory data reset will be the option to select.
  4. It takes time for your phone to reset the factory. Once the reset is done, the data wipe on the bottom screen should be completed.
  5. To select Reboot Device, restart your mobile phone through the power button.

A factory reset is a key step before you sell or trade on your Samsung Galaxy phone. After your phone is reset, it is ready for its new owner, as described above!

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