(Last Updated On: October 31, 2021)

 Did you ever try buying perfume online? It is obvious that you would not get the smell. So, this article will help you to find a perfume online.

Some people think it is quick and convenient to buy perfumes online. However, you can be unsure of the scents through the fragrances that look good.

In the case of perfumes, you can never judge a book by the covers. So, you can find online perfume shops where you will get the best perfumes, e. g. USA Inspired Fragrances

So, dig in the article to know the 7 Steps to buy perfume online without smelling it. 

Let’s start!

7 Steps to buy perfume online without smelling it

If you want perfume, the best option is to buy them offline. However, in busy lives, it isn’t always possible to buy perfumes offline.

Here are some ways through which you can easily buy perfume online: 

  1. Do your research
  2. Avoid the price
  3. Know your perfume moods
  4. Choose based on color
  5. Know your fragrance
  6. Stick to your perfume
  7. Choose new variants

Let’s get to know more about the steps!

  1. Do your research

While you buy everything online, it is best if you research your product properly. However, as perfumes require a sense of smell, people need to research before they buy any. 

At first, you can make a list of everything notes that you use. Based on those notes, try to search for perfumes. 

On the other hand, you can go through the reviews after selecting any perfume as customers provide honest reviews.

Additionally, you can also get a lot of blogs or posts with a list of good perfumes. So, you can choose scents based on your requirements and research.

  1. Avoid expensive one

Most branded perfumes are very expensive. However, not all branded perfumes need to be very good.

Like every product, perfumes have pros and cons. Again, inexpensive scents might also be long-lasting.

Therefore, it would be best if you avoided the price while you buy perfumes online. 

  1. Know your perfume moods

Every perfume comes with a mood. However, you can easily understand this by the different types of perfume names. 

For example, perfumes with “night” bring a tone of warmness. On the other hand, scents with “light” get a tone of freshness.

Sometimes, the perfume doesn’t come with the names. In such cases, look closer to the packaging as you will find the names on the box.

  1. Choose based on color

In the perfume world, there are different types of colors. Some of them are blue, gold, yellow, green, black and red.

Let’s see the perfumes based on the colors.


Blue is a color of freshness. You will get to see the color relatable in perfumes. For example, perfume names with “aquatic” bring a tone of freshness.

In most cases, you will see perfumes with citrus notes to be blue.


A sign of richness is in gold color perfumes. However, these perfumes are for evening wear. So, people usually prefer this color for long-lasting parties.


You will smell a fragrance of summery tones in yellow color perfumes. If you want a sign of cheerfulness, it is better if you choose yellow packaging.


Green perfumes are often woody and have smoky fragrances. However, green is nature’s color, so that you will get a tone of freshly cut grass.


Black is a color of intensity. So, most people prefer black perfumes for night-wears. Additionally, as the black ones got a tone of warmness, people love them for long wear.


Red perfumes have passionate and spicy flavors in them. In most cases, you will get red scents to have black pepper fragrances.

  1. Know your fragrance

Before you want to purchase perfume online, it would be best if you researched the fragrances properly. It is very important to understand the ingredients before you decide to get any of them.

The list below discusses the fragrances of different ingredients:

  1. Woody: It has a tone of masculinity
  2. Aquatic: It brings a tone of being salty and fresh
  3. Citrus: It comes with a tone of being energetic
  4. Sporty: It has a tone of spiciness
  5. Floral: It gets a tone of being feminine
  6. Oriental: It comes with a tone of being sensuous
  7. Stick to your perfume

When you are a beginner and getting a perfume online, it is best to stick to your perfume. In such cases, you know your comfort zone, so you can easily choose your preferred ones.

Many brands work with specific brands. If you use one from their collections, you can decide to get more in future.

  1. Choose new variants

Perfume brands have a lot of variants. So, if you have been using one for a long time, you can choose a new variant.

Most brands work with similar notes, but they tend to bring a hint of difference. So, new users love the little change that they receive.

However, the variants have the original fragrance, but they vary in tones. For example, some might be intense, and others can be aquatic.

Final verdict

As you are getting a perfume online, all of the 7 steps are very important to remember. If you don’t want to regret buying perfume online, it is better to research it properly. Thus you can buy it without even smelling it.

Choosing a perfume that matches your personality is very important. In some cases, people choose a fragrance and regret getting it.

So, you should put some effort before you think to finalize a perfume!