Injuries come in various shapes and sizes. Some are life-threatening and could impact your abilities and quality of life for months or even years. Others may be treatable, enabling you to enjoy typical activities within weeks or months.

Injuries also have multiple causes, including car accidents, dog bites, and falls. They can occur in the workplace, at home, or in your community. When dealing with an unexpected injury, it’s normal to think about getting medical care and addressing your physical health care needs, but you should consult an attorney. Let’s look at how Westwood injury attorneys can help your legal case after an injury.

Why do injuries lead to lawsuits?

Only heart disease and cancer claim more lives than accidents. In 2019, more than 173,000 people died from injuries in accidents in the United States. In addition to wrongful deaths, accidents can cause permanent disabilities. Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) and spinal cord injuries (SCIs) can cause mental and physical impairments. In some cases, people suffering from TBIs and SCIs may need lifelong medical care.

Many accidents are caused by negligence. When neglect leads to injuries, the injured parties may pursue a legal case to protect their rights and ensure they receive fair compensation for their medical bills and other expenses stemming from their injuries. Suppose you worked as a wind turbine technician and lost a limb in an accident. You may not be able to return to your career because you can’t safely climb hundreds of feet to repair and maintain wind turbines. In that case, you’d need compensation for loss of income and money to retrain for a new career.

How can Westwood personal injury attorneys help your case?

When you contact a personal injury attorney after your accident, you’ll receive a free consultation, ensuring you receive expert legal advice immediately. This can help you prevent making mistakes after your accident that could affect your legal case later.

Your Westwood injury attorney will evaluate your case to determine if you have a legal claim. Injury attorneys have spent years in law school earning their law degrees and specialized in personal injury law, ensuring they’re familiar with case laws they can use to strengthen your legal case. They’ll advise you about what documentation to collect and the steps you should take after your accident to ensure they have the information needed to strengthen your case.

Are there other ways you’ll benefit from hiring a Westwood injury lawyer?

Your injury attorney will advise you to go for all recommended medical tests and pursue a comprehensive assessment after your accident. Comprehensive medical tests ensure medical professionals identify all injuries. Since a statute of limitations applies to injury lawsuits, you must identify relevant injuries and promptly begin treatment. This medical documentation supports your claims for compensation for medical expenses and helps you establish the scope of damage to support your legal case.

Your personal injury attorney can also help you file for appropriate benefits while resolving your legal case. You may qualify for disability benefits if you’re unable to return to work. You may also be eligible to receive other benefits. For example, the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act (FECA) provides financial and medical support to federal workers coping with work-related illnesses or injuries. You might qualify to receive workers’ compensation insurance if your injury occurred at your workplace. You may also have to process claims with your insurance company, and your injury attorney can negotiate with any insurance companies involved while resolving your case.

Personal injury attorneys are licensed lawyers who specialize in personal injury matters. When you hire a Westwood injury lawyer, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing you have a qualified attorney with years of experience fighting to ensure you receive appropriate compensation for your injuries.