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Food is the most important thing in our lives. Because food gives the strength we need to do our day-to-day activities. And the food is the substance that keep us healthy and strong. As we all know food has a great impact on our skin. But most of us don’t know the impact that food can have on our hair. Yes of course. It is a real thing. So here we give you a list of food for a longer and thicker hair.

So here in this article we provide you with the information of what food we should take to have a longer thicker and shinier hair. There are some foods that can support us with our hair strength and thickness and even with the luminosity.

Let’s take a look.

I personally had suffered with lots of hair problems in my life. As a person who has dealt with worst hair experiences over years I have enough reasons to write this article. I had lost tons of my hair because of a hormonal imbalance. So I know the pain.

Firstly, losing of hair can lead us into a frustrated mentality. Some people can get depression too. That time was a soul crushing period in my life. Secondly, it can damage your self-confidence, your dignity, and your appearance too. Moreover, can get insulted too. Even though losing hair is a very common problem in this society. If we take it into an average percentage 50% of women has face this horrible experience in their lifetime. Some of them had suffered with this terrible hair loss over 10 to 15 years. And it is very common to women.

It is true that there are some of men who has lost their hair due to some reasons.

But this specific issue is very common among women. It has two main reasons.

Number one is female pattern hair loss. Or we call it FPHL. It has proven through several researches over years. Moreover, if we take it as a rough average every one third of women has suffered from this female pattern hair loss problem. And it is not the only cause that leads you to the losing of hair.

This second reason also a women thing. If you already have a baby you will know what it is. Yes, as you guessed it is the postpartum hair loss. This is a very serious issue. We can avoid it or run away from it. We have to face it. Almost every women who had a child has faced this postpartum hair loss problem.

So I did tones of researchers to discover are the best foods that can help you with growing your hair or that can help you with stop losing your hair. Even there are alot of other solutions like using Shea butter to care for your hair.

Let’s take a look.

But before going there let’s take a look at what are the courses that effect with the hair loss. Especially among women. Firstly, as we all know before finding remedies we have to find what is the illness is.

There was number of reasons that can bring you to the condition of losing hair. It can be a genetic problem or some pregnancy related problem some thyroid disorders. And maybe Menopause and anemia too. Moreover, the depression can also have a vast effect of losing hair.

What is the most common cause of losing hair?

It has been proven through so many researches that the most common cause of losing hair among women is genetic conditions. This case become worse with the age.

And you can notice some patterns of your hair loss. You may notice these patterns on your mother’s or grandmother’s hair. And furthermore these patchy hair losses can cause by some medical diagnoses and to some scalp infections and more.

Not only those causes but also some stressful situations too can lead your head to have patchy hair lose. Like some physical or emotional Shocks. This can cause thinning of your hair. But u don’t have to worry about this that much. Because they considered as temporary hair losses. And the final finer and most common cause is some bad hair styles. Like back combing and applying chemicals to your hair. This is called traction alopecia.

Now let us see how our day today lifestyle can effect on our hair.

Firstly, as we all know we have to be super gentle with our hair. It is true that as women we like to style our hair, but we have to be super careful about it.

Expect above factors environment all factors and the food we consume can have a large impact on our hair. Firstly, as for environmental factors one of the most harmful factors in air. If you live in a very urban area you can have some serious hair problems. This is because of the air pollution. Secondly, since we can’t avoid the air pollution we have to be careful about what we eat and drink. We have to always drink filtered water.  So, try to drink filtered water as much as possible. This is not only good for your skin but also for your hair

So we have to get foods with good nutrients. Like food with good protein and iron level like olives, butter fruit, nuts and seeds etc.

So today we present you a list of 12 foods which can help you with a longer thicker and shinier hair.

You can always try to consume these foods for your diet. Firstly, it will make your balanced diet and a magnificent hair. Secondly, as a bonus you can have healthy and glowing skin and nails.

  1. Butter fruit 
  2. Bell pepper
  3. Bone broth
  4. Cruciferous veggies
  5. Eggs
  6. Greek yogurt
  7. Lentils
  8. Oranges
  9. Salmon
  10. Spinach
  11. Sweet potato

Now let’s take an overview look.

01. Butter fruit

Omega 3 is a necessary Nutrient to our body. Especially for our hair. But our body cant produced these fatty acids buy its own. So we have to support it externally. Do that we have to get foods that rich in omega-3 and other nutrients. Our best suggestion to this is butter fruit. Or avocado. This fruit is super rich in vitamins, healthy fats and minerals that can nourish our hair roots.

And another facts is that avocado is very rich in vitamin E. As we all know vitamin E can make our hair very strong and shiny. And the antioxidants in butter fruit can really help you with your skin too.

02. Bell pepper

Blood circulation in scalp is really helpful and beneficial to our hair growth. Bell pepper is a boosting fact that can improve our blood circulation. As we all know capsicum family is very rich in vitamin c and fibers. So this this beautiful combination is compacted in the bell pepper. And not only vitamin c but also vitamin a and B6 also very rich in bell pepper. So this can really trigger your scalp’s blood circulation and it improves the hair Growth to its fullest levels

03. Bone Soup

Natural bone soup is anther nutritious food that can help you to have a magnificent hair. Because it is very rich in collagen. Especially from herbivorous animals which means grass fed animals. This collagen can strengthen your hair with super elasticity. So your hair won’t break. It is not the only thing. This bone soup can improve our body tissues too. Collagen in bone soup can give the strength to our body tissues to hold our every cell in place. So our hair won’t fall. This collagen and bone soup is really beneficial in producing amino acids too. So don’t forget to add a hot and nice bone soup to your diet at least once a week.

04. Mustard family’s veggies or cruciferous veggies

Fun fact about these cruciferous veggies is that this name is a non –official one. This word is originated in Latin and the word cruciferous meaning is “cross bearing” in English. Reason for this name is the four petals of the vegetables is crossed in the middle.

These mustard vegetables are very rich in minerals like folate and vitamin K which are really good for your hair. As examples for this cruciferous family we can mentioned vegetables like cauliflower, Brussels and broccoli. These vegetables can really heal your damaged and bristled hair. They can convert to weak and thin hair to a magnificent and strong hair.

These vegetables also contain sulfur which can produce amino acids in our body. Amino acids are super important in making natural keratin. As we all know, Keratin is a top most hair growing fact.

So always try to add some veggies to your meal

05. Eggs.

We all know that our hair is nourished with protein. So we should have to consume more foods that contain proteins.


  • Naturally raised eggs
  • Fresh water fish
  • Chicken without chemicals etc.

From those eggs are really important.

Because eggs can easily supply biotin to our blood. As you all know, biotin is a must ingredient that should available in every hair product.

  • Hair shampoos
  • Conditioners
  • Hair creams

And if you don’t know eggs are a great moisturizer to your hair too. So don’t forget to add some eggs to your diet.

06. Yogurt

Here is another protein supplier to your hair. Not only protein, but also so many vitamins and minerals are contained in yogurt.

As for an example,

  • zinc
  • Vitamin B5

Moreover, this yogurt has a special ingredient that can support your blood circulation in the scalp. And vitamin B5 contains pantothenic acid is really helpful to stop your hair fall. And it help your scalp to prevent hair thinning too. You don’t have to eat just yogurt. Sometimes it’s just bring too. You can add some mega 3 to it. Don’t worry. Not the direct acid. You can add some ground flaxseeds and chia seeds which are really rich in omega 3 fats acids.

07. Lentils

We all love a strong and healthy hair. It doesn’t have to be strong. To that we need some vitamins and minerals like zinc, biotin and iron. They can really help you up with your hair. Not only hair but also with your skin and nail.

So how can we consume them to our body?

Will you believe we can find all 3 of them in one food? Yes, it is a 3 in 1 offer. It is Lentils, a kind of bean from legume family.

This will be a great suggestion for vegan people.

08. Oranges as a food for a longer and thicker hair.

Oranges are very rich with antioxidants. Not only oranges, almost every fruit in citrus family have this substance. So this antioxidants are really helpful in a better hair growth. They fight to prevent our hair from radical damages. And it can fasten your hair growth too. And as a bonus, you can get vitamin B, vitamin E and fiber by consuming oranges to your daily diet. All those substances are really helpful to cure the damaged hair follicles.

09. Salmon as a food for a longer and thicker hair.

This is another god source which provides your body with omega -3.As we already know it is a very beneficial healthy fatty acid. You can directly consume them to your body by eating natural fishes like mackerel and salmon.

They have,

  • Omega 3
  • Protein
  • Vitamin B

These substances can aid luminosity to your hair. So this is a bye –bye for your dry hair. Because it nourishes your hair and scalp both together.

10. Sweet Potato as a food for a longer and thicker hair.

Sweet potatoes are really rich in beta-carotene which leads to produce vitamin A.As we already know vitamin A can fasten your hair growth. Not to just grow but to grow very strength. And sweet potatoes can support our body with produce some good nutrients too. And as a bonus you can have vitamin

11. Spinach as a food for a longer and thicker hair.

It is a well-known fact that green vegetables and leaves can really support your hair growth. There is a long list of leafy green vegetables and spinach comes first. Spinach is really rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Which we have already discussed the benefits. They both are antioxidants that can improves your blood flow and production of oil in your scalp. Spinach can prevent the damage that caused by radicals to your scalp’s collagen supply.

12. Sea Weed as a food for a longer and thicker hair.

I think this should be a must. Because there are not many foods that contain. Iodine in them. Iodine is a compulsory fact to keep a healthy level of thyroid in our body. And our thyroid level directly supports to the improvements of our overall hair growth. Especially, sea weeds keep your scalp hydrated. Which means no more dry hair. And moreover, sea weed is highly rich in various minerals. Which can help our scalp to grow a thicker hair.

This is your 12 healthy food diet that can gifts you with a long, thicker and shinier hair .Not only hair, but also a shiny skin and healthy nails too.

And as a bonus you can have a rainbow plate as your breakfast. Adding all those foods to a place once in a week will give you a magnificent meal time.

Do you have any more suggestions to add to this article? Let me know. I’ll happily do another article.

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