(Last Updated On: October 24, 2019)

Flash Stock Rom Using Qcomdloader tool

We are going to use Qcomdloader tool but we also give you all possible Flashing methods and all available Stock firmware to your Qlicom phone. Don’t worry If you really want to Flash a Rom to Unbrick, Rollback, Repair, unroot,full system restore then you are in right website. so Flash it. as wel, below the guide, we discuss about errors of flashing Custom / Stock Rom and we offer you possible solutions for those errors.

you should know these things

You can do this if you want Go back to Official Stock Rom or reinstall Stock firmware.
phone’s pc software does not want to install but phone driver must works on PC without error.
This Stock Rom has to be installed on this model only.
 Do this your own risk, If you do any wrong then phone will be damaged. If so, try again or contact us.
♥ If you want to upgrade your Qlicom phone then you have to find upgraded Rom – marshmallow,Lollipop, kitkat .we provide only Official Rom

Install Stock Rom on Qlicom phone

Requirement for Flashing Official Firmware/ ROM

 USB drivers.
qcomdloader-tool link

Increase RAM SIZE in Qlicom phone – Need Root

Step 1,

Download Qlicom phone Stock Rom

Link – Stock Rom

Download and extract it then Install Qcomdloader tool and install it. then you can see below files.

Flash Stock Rom on Coolpad
Flash Stock Rom on Qualcomm processor

Step 2,

Now, Install Qcomdloader USB Drivers on your pc or lap. (You can find Qcomdloader USB Drivers from Qcomdloader tool’s folder.

Step 3,

  • Now,connect your Qlicom phone to Qcomdloader USB Drivers installed PC by using USB cable.
  • Click QcomDloader and launch this tool.
Flash Stock Rom on Coolpad
Flash Stock Rom on Qualcomm processor

Step 4,

After that, Click Loader button and locate the Download firmware.

Flash Stock Rom on Coolpad
Flash Stock Rom on Qualcomm processor

Step 5,

  • after locate, Click setting Button and click download Mode,
  • and Click the “Validate Downloaded Rom”
Flash Stock Rom on Coolpad
Flash Stock Rom on Qualcomm processor

If you Open the Qualcomm Firmware Folder (assuming you have already downloaded the firmware), you will find various files of which 3 main files are read by QcomDloader to Flash the extire package

 prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn, rawprogram_unparse.xml, patch0.xml.

If in case the eMMC file name is different, then simply write the exact name in QcomDloader, so that it can recoginize the firmware.

Step 6

  • Under chipset ID write the Chipset number  (here eMMC file name if prog_emmc_firehose_8916.mbn of which 8926 is the Chipset ID).
  • Click OK
Flash Stock Rom on Coolpad
Flash Stock Rom on Qualcomm processor

Step 7,

Click Play Button to Flash Stock Rom on Qlicom phone

All Errors and Solutions

Qualcomm processor phone not works after flashing

A : Give it to 5min. because first boot is slow. If not works, then flash it again please go step by step.

Qlicom phone stuck at Boot logo or Bootloop

A: Git it to 5min because first boot is Slow. Remove the battery for 60 seconds then insert back. If not works then boot into recovery mood and wipe the data (Hard reset). If not works then Try again to install Stock Rom.

automatically disconnecting during flashing Qualcomm processor phone 

Try another data cable.
Try to install Drivers again
Try another Computer.

I can’t Flash Stock Rom on Qualcomm processor phone

please try again. after did, if does not works then leave a comment with error message.you Had better give us Screenshot. 

My phone keep restarting

  • It may be your Qlicom phone case is pressing on it
  • May be, your current Rom is Corrupted or damaged. So you have to Install Stock Rom to ON your phone. use this post to Flash new Stock Rom. If you can, use different Rom.

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