(Last Updated On: June 22, 2021)

Fixed – Microphone not working on LG CU500V

If you are having a call or receiving a call through the media of  Whatapp, Viber, Imo, Messenger, and normal voice call. others can’t hear you, but you can hear them without any problem If u having that issue, you can follow this post. in this post, we are going to give Basic and advanced methods to fix this “MIC Not working Problem”. sometimes this problem caused because of bad MIC (Hardware) but a lot of times it’s caused by Android system or caches.

Microphone not working on LG CU500V

Basic Solutions for LG CU500V Microphone issues:

  1. Restart your LG CU500V smartphone.
  2. Remove the battery for 3min and insert the battery and switch it on.
  3. Insert Hand free and turn off the phone then Turn on again.

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Normal Solutions for LG CU500V Microphone issues:

01. Boot your LG CU500V in safe mode

Microphone not working on LG CU500V

Sometimes the third-party apps control how the microphone behaves. Therefore restart your LG CU500V in safe mode and it will help you. (When you are on safe mode, it will disable all third-party apps temporally) More about – Safe mode

Following are the steps to do it:

  1. Turn off the device.
  2. Press and hold Power Key and when appears on the screen leave the Power key.
  3. Then press and hold the Volume Down key immediately after releasing the Power key.
  4. Until the finish restarting, hold the Volume Down key.
  5. The bottom left corner of your screen will display the safe mode.
  6. When it display on your screen leaves the Volume Down key.

If the microphone works properly while safe mode, uninstall all third-party apps. Because that may cause trouble.  the problem persists then Boot to normal mode

02. Factory Reset your LG CU500V

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First, you have to backup your LG CU500V before the factory reset. Because it deletes all the data that’s kept in the phone’s internal memory storage. (all videos, photos, Phone numbers will be deleted) Dedicated Resetting Guideline

Following are the steps to do it:

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Press Volume Up + Power Button + Home Button together.
  3. Release the buttons when appears the Android figure on the screen.
  4. Use Volume buttons to highlight the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option and use the Power Button to select it.
  5. Use Volume buttons to highlight Yes-delete all user data and press the Power Button to select it.

03.Record a voice or call and listen to it

Microphone not working on LG CU500V

If a factory reset doesn’t work then it may a hardware problem in your phone. Then you try to record your voice or call and confirm that your voice sounds faint or hardly audible.

04.Clean the LG CU500V device’s Microphone hole

Microphone not working on Oppo

Use a thin needle or use compressed air to blow on the hole to away all the dirt and debris.

05 – Advance Solutions for LG CU500V Microphone issues:

Microphone not working on Oppo

All the above methods did not help you then it must be a system fault or Hardware fault. If it is a system fault then you can smile because we can fix it by installing the Android system. but it is a hardware case then we can’t help  :(. however, first Install Stock Rom (System) Don’t wary we have dedicated posts about Flashing Stock Roms to LG CU500V phones. Click here and find your phone and try it.

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