Fixed – Can’t Install Apps on Samsung galaxy Grand prime

while trying to install apps, playstore give these error messages. “appname” Can’t be Install try again. and if problem continues, get help Troubleshooting (error Code : -504, error code 503, Error code 495, error 961, error 919, error 960, error 630, error code 506, error code 505, Installation Failed). These problem can be happen when you don’t have enough Storage in internal, Android OS is too old,phone’s cache,sever problem

Can’t Install Apps on Samsung galaxy Grand prime

Can't Install Apps on Samsung galaxy

To fix this,

  1. Delete unnecessary apps and get Space of your internal Storage. 
  2. Settings >> Applications manager / Apps >>Choose Play Store>> there is a button Force Stop. Clikc it >> and  Delete Cache.
  3. Remove google account from Samsung galaxy Grand Prime. Settings > Accounts > email address
  4. Reboot your device and go to google play store and login with your google account or another new account.
  5. above tricks not works? then try to reset.

Factory Reset Samsung galaxy Grand Prime

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Can't Install Apps on Samsung galaxy Grand

1.Turn off the Samsung galaxy Grand Prime.
2.Press and hold the Volume up key, Home key and Power key till appear Android LOGO.
3.Now, you are on Recovery Menu. Choose the “factory reset” from that menu.
4. Choose “Yes — Delete All User Data option” by pressing power button
5.After performed Reset, Reboot the phone.

Final Solution for “Can’t Install Apps” on Samsung galaxy Grand Prime

all above methods didn’t help? then This is the last one.. When you face this kind of problem in computer, like virus affection badly or system error, then your last method is Installing Windows again? So, Stock Rom is like a Windows. we have dedicated posts about flashing Stock Rom to Samsung galaxy Grand Prime

Can't Install Apps on Samsung galaxy

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