(Last Updated On: March 11, 2023)


Different phones are popular for different reasons. Some mobile phones are famous for their cameras, some are good for their price, while a few of them are known for their big screens and better display. A good screened mobile phone is the need and desire of every Android user. The honor x8a screen is something that needs special mention in this regard. This screen is made with a bit of extra attention and labor. 

We have collected and entertained the five main things that you must know about honor x8a screens. Reading on will unveil the perks of having honor x8a phones with such attractive screens. 

5 things to know about honor x8a screens:

Well, the screen of these honor phones is known for several reasons. They bring ease to many tasks that we regularly perform, such as reading books in soft form, watching series or telecasts, getting a comfortable view of your eyes, and maintaining the health of your eyes. The five main features and qualities of these honor x8a mobile phone screens are given below. 

  1. Presence of a big 6.7 inches screen: 

The screen of the honor x8a mobile phone is around 6.7 inches in size. This site is considered ideal and big for better user experiences. With such huge sizes, people can find it easy and convenient to watch anything on these phones and to get a better reading experience. 

The diagonal length of honor x8a screens is around 6.7 inches. They have rounded corners designs for additional support and strength. 

  1. Supports high resolution and high refreshing rate:

These honor phones offer high resolution and high refreshing rate screens. These phones are approximately 1.79g in weight. They are 162.9mm in height, 74.5mm in width, and 7.48mm in length. All these measurements collectively bring such a high resolution and refreshing rate. 

  1. Almost 90% screen-to-body ratio:

These honor phones have a high screen-to-body ratio. This ratio can bring the effective pixels of your images and videos to your sight. You won’t have to use image enlarge options. You won’t have to zoom your images. With a few steps distance, you can see your clicks as bright and clear.

  1. Made with IPS LCD:

These honor phones are made with IPS LCD screens. These screens are good at providing the best results from all directions. You can get the best visual experience from the screen of these honor mobile phones. 

  1. High aspect ratio:

The high aspect ratio is also seen in these honor mobile phones. This aspect ratio is used to give you a better visual experience. So, you can make your eyes comfortable with these honor mobile phone screens with around 19.9 aspect ratio. 

Wrapping Up: 

To put it in a nutshell, you can say that the honor x8a screen is made for all those people who have a lot of work to do on their smartphones, such as reading books or articles, watching series or live streaming, and doing many other things. If you feel a bit uncomfortable with your old mobile phone’s screen, try these phones.