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No wonder, Google is the biggest search engine in the world with 4.3 billion active users. The question is why people search on this search engine instead of others. The simplest answer to this question is that Google provides useful content to all its users.

To keep the users intact, it keeps updated its guidelines to write on any topic by the author of a website. One of the most important and impactful guidelines that Google has released till now is the E-E-A-T guidelines.

For every website caretaker, it is important to learn these guidelines and implement them while publishing blogs through their website. In this guide, we are going to share a complete method to follow for writing a WordPress blog as per these guidelines. Let’s get started to learn deeply!

What are E-E-A-T Guidelines?

Before you learn how to write a WordPress blog as per E-E-A-T Guidelines, you should know about these guidelines. E-E-A-T stands for Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthy.

It is a principle that is used by Google Search Quality Raters to estimate whether a website or a blog post is of high quality or not. For the first time, E-A-T was introduced in 2014 which represents how search quality raters perform quality checks of a particular webpage.

Since then, these guidelines kept updating by Google almost once a year. Recently, Google has added another “E” after which the guidelines have become E-E-A-T guidelines. Now, it has become Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthy.

To make it understandable, let us share brief details about these guidelines


The first “E” in the E-E-A-T Guidelines stands for Experience. It indicates whether the author of the content has first-hand experience on the related topic or field. Google demands now to write on any topic when the author has life experience in it and has a deep understanding of the field.


Search quality raters consider the expertise of the author while analyzing the quality that stands for the second “E” in E-E-A-T guidelines. For this purpose, they perform an analysis based on the qualification and credentials of the authors. It is done by checking whether the information provider has enough qualifications to write on a topic.

For example, a piece of advice from a certified engineer for a customer looking to repair their PC will be worthy as compared to someone who has experienced similar issues and solved them. You can consider the other person’s input as advice but it won’t be legitimate enough to rely on.

Let’s say, you have read the following thread on Reddit about diagnosing computer malfunctions, would you trust it blindly or look for a consultation from a qualified engineer/vendor? 

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Obviously, you will find a vendor/engineer to consult and discuss the situation and alternatives instead of relying on this thread. It can be a positive hope or point you in the right direction but it cannot be advice to rely on blindly.

Google also mentions the same thing in its E-E-A-T guidelines for expertise by the authors while writing on any topic. No doubt, you may have expertise in general topics but you don’t need high qualifications for them too.


It refers to the author’s reputation in the concerned field. Every industry has some particular people and influencers who are popular for their proven experience with the subject. Authoritativeness is the overall popularity and reputation of a person in a related field.

For example, an article about blog-promoting strategies has been published by Backlinko and got 2567 shares on different social media channels. It is because the author of this blog “Brian Dean” has huge authority in this field because of his extensive experience in SEO. 

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It is the most important part of E-E-A-T guidelines because a low trust factor can damage all other factors of this set of guidelines. According to Google, no matter how much experience you have in the concerned field, low trust can ruin your work and push you lower in search results. 

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For being trustworthy, you should adopt different techniques like being clear, providing enough author details, and providing enough details related to added facts or graphs. This is all you have to do because page quality raters will also analyze this factor critically to check your webpage’s quality.

How to write a WordPress blog as per E-E-A-T guidelines?

Till now, you have learned about E-E-A-T guidelines in detail with their brief description. It is time to learn how to write a WordPress blog post by following these guidelines. We have enlisted some tips that can help you in fulfilling different aspects of these guidelines.

  • Share First-Hand Experience

As the first two letters in E-E-A-T guidelines represent the experience and expertise, you should focus on these factors. You shouldn’t write by just reading different blogs and articles on your concerned topic.

It is better to provide a detailed guide of what you have experienced while writing on a topic. You should write what steps you have followed to reach the goal.

For example, we have written a blog post regarding “moving of a WordPress site to a new hosting server” that has got multiple visitors. The reason why it happens is that we have shared the first-hand experience with our readers and added images for every step. 

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This factor has indicated that our author has extensive experience and expertise in the concerned topic. So, you should also write by experiencing different situations related to your topic instead of being a copy-cat of other authors.

By doing so, you will be able to ensure that your content is, 

  • Original 
  • Helpful for users 
  • Written by experienced authors 
  • Have everything that readers are looking for

No doubt, you can fulfill all these sectors but finding duplication is still possible. The reason is you may have chosen the same words to share your experience that someone has already chosen for this purpose.

To make sure that your content is original, you should perform a check to find duplications. If you have found some copied sections too, you should rewrite them to get an original preview.

For making your work unique, you can also use a paraphrasing tool. There are a lot of smart paraphrasers available online, such as the ones provided by Quillbot and Paraphraser. These tools will help you in rewriting your given text by replacing original words with their synonyms to make your text unique.

  • Be Transparent, Don’t Hide

As mentioned above, trustworthiness is the most important part of E-E-A-T guidelines. Without being trustworthy, you can’t be a prominent name in the field. Doesn’t matter how qualified you are in the related subject, you will not be able to get trusted by the readers.

While writing a blog post on WordPress, you should always look for being transparent for your readers. It will help you in getting the trust of readers, search engines, and other experts in your field.

The reason is everyone will be able to know who is at the back of a blog post. In this way, they can rely on your words and the trust factor for your blog post or website will be increased. For this purpose, you can create an author bio like shown below. 

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  • Link Credible Sources

When you are writing a WordPress blog, you are not writing it blindly. You must be getting data from somewhere instead of assuming it in your mind. It becomes more common when it comes to facts and figures related to your concerned topic.

By linking to those credible sources from where you are getting particular stats and figures, you will be able to be more trustworthy. No doubt, it will show that you haven’t experienced or analyzed those stats manually.

But the credible source that you are going to link will increase trust in your content. It will automatically fulfill the requirements of the other parts of the E-E-A-T guidelines.

For example, if you search “number of blogs published daily”, you will get thousands of results. But you can’t link to any of them because most of them don’t have any proof for the stats. So, the best approach is to give a link to Envisagedigital.co.uk because it has performed a complete analysis in this regard. 

dZyIPsnzm09jKYu1497gcKhBzJYt3qaOEWiXfxUWhaIlBkgL3OwukhrELU5cuQKADmC7QMra5zMc4KeOdhrFlQGvlVTIp1JFzc0jm57DnZCAcz5fokECR6xi8 ADArVOK9oAHEyuEYW ToXWQZd3glwbXI6TQPmuTRc785c1WuyZmSgBuzcKT7JsjVCOFZWBdn1iq 0I

By doing so, you will be able to indicate that your blog post is credible to rely on. It will increase your work’s authority and trust factor for your website.

  • Get High-Quality Backlinks

The last but not least step for gaining trust and authority at the same time is creating high-quality backlinks. Getting backlinks from high-authority websites can be a game changer for your WordPress blog.

It is because this factor will improve your website’s authority that will indirectly impact the ranking of the overall website or that specific blog post. As per Backlinko.com, gaining high-quality backlinks is one of the most important factors of the 200 SEO factors that Google analyzes.

In addition to those factors, it will also help you in fulfilling requirements as per E-E-A-T guidelines to write a blog post. Here are some factors that you should consider while creating backlinks, 

  • Authority 
  • Relevancy 
  • Anchor Text 

These factors will help you in gaining quality backlinks from your concerned and related websites. It will help you in gaining authority and trust because high-authority sites are recommending your blog post.

Final Verdict

By following the above tips, you can write a WordPress blog on any topic as per E-E-A-T guidelines. We have shared the complete process with examples that you can follow in this regard. It will help you in understanding what to consider while writing a blog by following these guidelines.

In addition to this, you will be able to get a high authority and trust factor that will in turn make you a good webpage for page quality raters. All in all, these tips will enable you to write what Google considers helpful and trustworthy for its visitors.

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