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Huawei G610s WIFI keep disconnecting – Wi-fi connecting and disconnecting issue gives you much trouble. There may be some occasions, with your Huawei G610s tips to keep connected with your home or office network. surely, you are really worried about the matter. We have tips for wi-fi connecting and disconnecting issue error solutions. Have you any idea that this problem is dealing with a single Wi-Fi network or all the other networks? Just, go through the following 8 steps. Definitely, You will have a real awareness of how to resolve the matter. Finally, you can troubleshoot the issue and be back online.

Huawei G610s - Wi-Fi Keeps its connecting and disconnecting issue [fixed]

Have you had any experiences, your Huawei G610s gets disconnected immediately after the very first connection? You know this happens always or frequently as a busy person with internet usage. No matter in which situation you are in. read this article fully. At last, you will get what you are looking for as a solution.

1. Network Reconnection to avoid wi-fi connecting and disconnecting issue

The first simple solution is to reinitiate the connection you have to the Wi-Fi network. This has shown some possibilities of reconnecting your Huawei G610s. So, Follow these undermentioned steps with a picture description.

Step1: Go to Settings Menu

Step2: Select the option”Network & Internet”

Step3: You can tap the Wi-Fi option If the Huawei G610s is connected to a selected network.

Step4: You will see a gear icon to check more info on the network and then, select “FORGET

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Once you do this, It disconnects your device from the Wi_fi network and it deletes the network from your phone’s memory as well.

Step5: If you are unable to connect to the network with the problem of”reconnecting and disconnecting, Just, tap for “saved networks” in the menu of Wi-Fi settings.

Step6: Simply tap on the name of the network with the connection.

Step7: Look for the Forget icon and tap it.

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This process will delete the network from the memory of the device. Now, try to reconnect to the networks with its options. You can type in a password only if the network has one. Try the below-mentioned tips, If the”wi-fi connecting and disconnecting issue still prevails.

2. Ignore previous connected network

One of the significant features of Android OS is, it reaches the maximum signal strength network when there are many networks. On the other hand, This is an admirable feature in Android, as it always tries to keep the connection stable. However, this will make some uncomfortable situations in looking for a better network by keeping disconnecting and reconnecting.

Huawei G610s - Wi-Fi Keeps its connecting and disconnecting issue [fixed]
ignore previous connections

You can get rid of this by following the earlier mentioned 7 steps. Or else, use a Wi-Fi Prioritizer app that will select a better network for you If there are many networks available.

3. Disable troubling apps on Huawei G610s

We have identified that some apps help the Wi-Fi network to perform Android OS well while some apps try to weaken its functions. For example, VPNs and Wi-Fi Prioritizing apps lead first. Better to turn such apps off or keep them in disable status, If you feel they slow down your device’s performance.

Some Android users have experienced that the antivirus app of the device has helped to troubleshoot network issues when they keep in disable status.

I advise you to follow this and reconnect to your Wi-Fi network. Though the Huawei G610s is still unable to connect, try the next steps below.

4. Reset(Network Settings) to avoid wi-fi connecting and disconnectin issue on Huawei G610s

In addition, to fix this issue, you can reset your Android device’s network settings as a solution. it refreshes your Huawei G610s’s Wi-Fi settings, cellular network settings, Bluetooth settings and VPN configurations. To avoid wi-fi connecting and disconnecting network connectivity issues, this works in a better way. You can follow these steps undermentioned.

(note that all saved(Wi-Fi and cellular) networks, passwords, and paired Bluetooth devices will be no longer after resetting network settings)

  • Go to Huawei G610s’s Setting menu
  • At the bottom select System.
  • Select the Advance drop-down option
  • Reset Options
  • Select “Reset Wi-Fi, Mobile,& Bluetooth”
  • At the bottom of the page tap the “Reset settings” button

Now, reconnect to the Wi-Fi network.

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5. Restarting your Huawei G610s

Therefore, It is a common theory that all know, restarting a phone or any other device helping a lot to fix an issue therewith. So, The same theory goes on to Android Wi-Fi that keeps wi-fi connecting and disconnecting. You can press and hold the phone’s power button and go to restart.

Watch carefully after restarting the Huawei G610s and connecting to the network and check whether it stays connected to the network or not.

6. Router Settings

You have to make sure that your phone is not blocking from the access network. Sometimes, It is the main reason why your Huawei G610s is unable to get connected. Make it confirmed that your connection is not blocked or blacklisted or else if you have access to your Router’ Admin panel. Otherwise, you have to contact the relevant authorized person.

7. Restarting the Wi-Fi Router

Huawei G610s - Wi-Fi Keeps its connecting and disconnecting issue [fixed]
Check the router

First, Check the router carefully unless it is not blocked or blacklisted. Check its functions working properly. Mostly, restarting a router can fix major issues with the connectivity. You can easily do that. Once restart, connect your phone to the network and check its functions. Unluckily it may still be in disconnecting status. Try the next step below.

8. Updating Router Firmware

Have you any idea how OS updates can make changes to your Huawei G610s? Firmware updates do it frequently to your router in the same way. One can upgrade the firmware, If he feels that the Router is responsible that make Wi-Fi connecting and disconnecting his mobile device. In fact. This step really works last.

Firmware upgrading is so easy that you can do it by yourself when you visit your manufacture’s website or manual. Here you can learn our Firmware upgrading guides for your convenience.

Watch your connection to avoid connecting and disconnecting issue

One of the above-mentioned troubleshooting guidance should work in order to stable your “Wi-Fi” connecting and disconnecting” issue for your Android device. We are eager to hear your experiences regarding this and please let us informed.

Frequently Asked Question

“Wi-Fi Keeps its connecting and disconnecting” after Huawei update?

If you have been using android devices for a long time, these types of errors are well known. It is a big disappointment that the phone does not work when updating to improve the performance of the phone. This could really be. It may be something that came from the cache rather than an error that could have come from the update. All you have to do is clear the cache first. If this does not solve your problem then you have to go back to your previous android version. This guide will help you. – How to Flash Stock Firmware on Huawei G610s

“Wi-Fi Keeps its connecting and disconnecting” after Installing Custom Firmware?

All you have to do is follow the step-by-step guide above. If the above guide did not help, you are in serious trouble. This problem occurs when you flash custom ROMs with beta versions. This is because these custom firmwares are still being tested and some features are not working properly. Now you have two options to solve this problem, you can switch to another supported custom ROM, or you can flash the original Stock ROM that came with your device.

Wi-Fi Keeps its connecting and disconnecting after water damage

Did you swim in the pool with the phone? Or is the phone wet in the rain? All you have to do is follow the steps below without shaking the phone. You can dry your device via 3 methods.

  1. Leave the phone in a dry place for 2-3 hours to evaporate the moisture.
  2. Use a hair dryer to remove any liquid from the device. (Do it at your own risk)
  3. Keep the phone in a bag full of rice for about 48 hours.

It does not work? follow this link Device Back after water damage

Wi-Fi Keeps its connecting and disconnecting after a drop

If the display is not damaged, you still have a chance. Follow the steps above. If those steps do not help, it means that your phone has a hardware problem. This means that you need to take your phone to an expert for repair. You can repair it yourself, but it will require the tools, parts, and expertise you need to do it properly, and if you do, it will only increase the risk and void the warranty. Read More : How To Fix “Wi-Fi Keeps its connecting and disconnecting” After Drop

“Wi-Fi Keeps its connecting and disconnecting” after after screen /repair/ replacement

This is most likely to happen if your display or phone has been repaired by an amateur. Follow the steps above. If those steps do not help, it is more likely to be a hardware problem. It is better to go to an authorized service center and have it repaired.

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