Huawei – Download all Stock Roms

If your phone does not Switch on, need repair, brick, need unroot or need Rollback then you Are in right page. first, choose right Stock Firmware for your Huawei phone. After that, go Back to guide And Flash. If your one is not Available then please comment. If you have any Huawei Stock Rom please give it to us

you can Download All Below Stock Firmwares from this Link –  Huawei Official

  1. Huawei P9 lite – Stock Rom
  2. Huawei Honor 4C – Stock Rom
  3. HUAWEI Y3II  –  Stock Rom
  4. Huawei Ascend Y550 L02 –  Stock Rom
  5. Huawei Ascend Y550 L01 –  Stock Rom
  6. Huawei Y5II  – Stock Rom
  7. Huawei honor h30 t10 – Stock Rom
  8. Huawei ascend d2 6070- Stock Rom
  9. Huawei ascend g610 u20 – Stock Rom
  10. Huawei ascend g620s l01 – Stock Rom
  11. Huawei ascend mate7 mt7 l09 – Stock Rom
  12. Huawei ascend g620s ul00 – Stock Rom
  13. Huawei ascend y201 – Stock Rom
  14. Huawei ascend y200 – Stock Rom
  15. Huawei ascend y100 – Stock Rom
  16. Huawei ascend p1 – Stock Rom
  17. Huawei ascend mate – Stock Rom
  18. Huawei ascend g630 u251 – Stock Rom
  19. Huawei ascend g630 u20 – Stock Rom
  20. Huawei ascend g630 u10 – Stock Rom
  21. Huawei ascend g600 – Stock Rom
  22. Huawei ascend g6 u10 – Stock Rom
  23. Huawei ascend g525 u00 – Stock Rom
  24. Huawei ascend g330 – Stock Rom
  25. Huawei ascend g510 0200 – Stock Rom
  26. Huawei ascend g300 – Stock Rom
  27. Huawei ascend d1 lte – Stock Rom
  28. Huawei u1290 – Stock Rom
  29. Huawei u8800 – Stock Rom
  30. Huawei u8510 – Stock Rom
  31. Huawei u8300 – Stock Rom
  32. Huawei u8100 – Stock Rom
  33. Huawei honor cherry l04 – Stock Rom
  34. Huawei ascend g750 u10 – Stock Rom
  35. Huawei g730 u10 – Stock Rom
  36. Huawei g730 u30 – Stock Rom
  37. Huawei g730 u00 – Stock Rom
  38. Huawei g730 t00 – Stock Rom
  39. Huawei ascend y635 cl00 – Stock Rom
  40. Huawei p8 young ale ul00 – Stock Rom
  41. Huawei g621 tl00 – Stock Rom
  42. Huawei c8818 – Stock Rom
  43. Huawei ascend g615 u10 – Stock Rom
  44. Huawei ascend p6 – Stock Rom
  45. Huawei ascend p7 l10 – Stock Rom
  46. Huawei ascend y210 – Stock Rom
  47. Huawei ascend y220 – Stock Rom
  48. Huawei honor holly u19 – Stock Rom
  49. Huawei ascend g700 u10 – Stock Rom
  50. Huawei ascend g700 t00 – Stock Rom
  51. Huawei honor holly 2 Plus – Stock Rom

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  1. Jcgr says

    Hi, my honor 6 h60-L12 only works whit ac cable,but before that was this message about android malfunction, I need help please

  2. charly says

    I can not find the STOCK ROM Y5ii, help please

  3. charly says

    I can not find the stock rom huawei Y5II (y5.2), please help…

  4. Ricardo says

    Minha Rom é honor 8 dl00 onde encontro?

  5. asm says

    i need huawei nexus 6p firmware flash by sp flash tool

  6. Ali haider says

    where is honor 4c stock rom ?

  7. augusto says

    i need huawei acsend y540-u01 firmware STOCK ROM

  8. HOPKINS says

    i need stock rom for huawei mate s CRR-ULOOC433B110

  9. mostafa marei says


  10. Dimitris Thomas says

    I cannot find custom rom g526-l11 for my device.Can you help me please?

    1. Cristina Rogel says

      Yo tampoco, he mandado un email a huawei solicitándolo

  11. Ariel says

    Necesito el stock rom de un huawei Lua u03. Por sp flashtool

  12. Fello says

    Necesito la ROM para huawei y5 iicunl03 por spflash tool alguien puede darme esa ROM? La necesito

    1. Ramikatz says
  13. Tik Tik Tik says

    i need hawei Y3 11 rom plz

  14. andersson suarez says

    hola que pena en mi casos es g526-l33 no la encuentro mi room

  15. djdin83 says

    I can not find the stock rom huawei Y6II please help…

    1. Ramikatz says
  16. moun says

    HI i need rom huawei p8 lite ale-l21 c33b533 for flash tool please

  17. Viovan says

    I need stock rom for huawei enjoy 5s tag-tl00 please..

  18. helal says

    I need stock rom for huawei enjoy 5s tag-tl00 please

  19. RomsEvil says

    hi i need stock rom on flash tool for huawei Y540 UO1 please help me! thx

    1. Ramikatz says
  20. janmenjay says

    honor holi 2+ stock rom please give a link

    1. Ramikatz says


  21. Борис Светлинов Тасков says

    please get me the link for huawei y7 prime 2018

  22. Nil says

    or g526-l22 flash file

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