(Last Updated On: June 26, 2023)

Windows is one of the leading operating systems on the planet. Businesses, individuals, and students rely on Windows to work, manage tasks, and learn.

In this regard, the benefits of Windows extend to students to improve their learning outcomes. It comes with several apps and features that make Windows student-friendly. 

In this blog, we will explore how Windows education may improve student performance and grades. We will also go over some of the Windows students’ apps to show you how they work. 

OneNote – Windows Student App

OneNote comes with Windows 10 and allows students to take down and manage notes. It is also apt for collaboration between students and teachers. Both of them can access the notebook and leave remarks to create a sound feedback system. 

Best of all, schools can integrate this free Windows student app with their learning management systems (LMS). It will sync the data of both platforms and allow teachers to import grades automatically. 

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Solve Mathematical Problems

Windows for students comes with a calculator. The current Windows 10 packs an advanced calculator to perform all types of calculations. 

Therefore, learners need not carry cumbersome calculators for mathematics classes. Instead, they can carry out all calculations on their Windows laptop. 

Store Learning Materials Securely

Most schools and colleges today rely on digital learning materials. The list includes a wide range of things like eBooks, videos, images, lecture recordings, and more. 

Additionally, some data may be sensitive in nature, like grades. 

Windows for students offers a simple and secure solution to resolve storage worries. It features a cloud storage platform called OneDrive to store all your files. 

This Windows feature is free for everyone. Additionally, you get free storage for up to a limit from Windows for students. 

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Create Diagrams with Paint 3D

Microsoft paint has always been popular with kids and students. Even adults use it for fun and to give expression to their creativity. 

Windows 10 for students turns Paint into a 3D experience. Additionally, the app is full of new features that can help students practice diagrams and drawing. 

Therefore, it is a great advantage for Windows education vs. home learning. 

Get All Answers from Cortana

Another benefit of Windows education home is Cortana. We are now used to voice assistants like Alexa and Cortana, who carry out our orders and answer our queries. 

Now, the same feature is available in Windows for students. Cortana comes as a pre-built app that allows students to search for information by asking questions. 

As a result, they don’t need to type or even open a browser to connect to the internet. They just ask Cortana and receive the most relevant answer to their questions. 

Surely, Windows will be the winner here when we compare Windows education vs. home learning.

A Range of Educational Apps and Resources

Windows for students offers a plethora of apps to improve grades and learn better. For example, students may use apps from the Microsoft Office suite to write essays, do statistics problems, and more. 

As a result, they won’t have to use websites like essaysformoney.com to copy content. 

Additionally, the Microsoft store has countless educational apps for download. Students can also find free apps to challenge their learning and knowledge retention.

Attend Online Classes

The pandemic has made online classes a norm. In addition, many courses today are available through online classes only. 

Windows comes with the right setup to attend and run online classes. You can use the camera and microphone of your laptop or computer to attend lectures. 

Moreover, Microsoft has worked to improve the hardware and software of its operating system. As a result, you can expect fewer interruptions and a seamless learning experience. 


Windows is the leading operating system in most countries. As a result, both teachers and students know how to use Windows and are familiar with all the features. 

Therefore, they don’t have to waste time learning how to operate a computer. They can directly start learning as everything feels familiar and the same.

Final Thoughts

Windows for students is an excellent choice to improve learning outcomes. The operating system packs advanced features that make learning fun and engaging. Additionally, Windows offers a fantastic learning experience and user-friendliness. Microsoft will always be the champion when you do Windows education vs. pro educational apps and platforms. Therefore, you can also rely on the most popular operating system to learn and grow with success.