(Last Updated On: April 19, 2022)

Being one of the most underrated platforms when it comes to sharing and producing creative content Twitter has recently come up in the spotlight. Influencers have seen the power which the tweets carry within them and they want to be in the top trends on Twitter as well.

There are about 500 million tweets per day on the platform. This shows that millions of people are interacting through these tweets on Twitter. This unexplored territory can be yours and you can be that influencer in your niche who is stacking up hundreds of followers every day.

You might be thinking what do I need to do to get to the stage where I start gaining those daily hundreds of followers? Today we will be sharing all the tips and tricks that will help you in becoming an overnight Twitter sensation. So, without further ado let’s start. Read More : 7 Simple Tips To Grow Your Social Media Following?

Why Should You Focus On Increasing Twitter Followers?

1. Keep Posting Content

The Twitter platform is a lot more content addictive in nature than its rivals. What it means is that to stay relevant you have to post meaningful content almost daily. 

On average it is advisable to tweet around 10 to 12 times so that you can get lots of retweets on your posts and hence new followers will get attracted to your content and account. 

2. Focus On Tweets That Have Media 

Studies have concluded that people are more attracted to visuals as compared to simply writing. Therefore, you should prioritize media in your tweets so that your audience can better understand what you are trying to share with them.

It is also advisable to add descriptions in your tweets as well when you are attaching media content with your tweets. This mix of descriptions and visual content is a recipe for success when it comes to increasing the twitter fanbase. 

3. Hashtags Are A Must

The single most important aspect of a tweet is the hashtags attached to the tweet. Hashtags should be relevant and interesting enough so that your tweets can get on top trend when people explore these hashtags. 

However, it is also to be noted here that hashtags should not be over excessively used in a single tweet. You should have a maximum of 3 to 4 hashtags in a tweet otherwise excessive use of hashtags won’t be of any good for your Twitter account.

4. Optimize Your Twitter Profile

Another important aspect of gaining a large audience relates to the optimization of your Twitter account. You need to implement the following changes in your Twitter account:

  • Upload an HD photo as your profile photo
  • Relevant information related to you in your bio
  • Upload relevant tags and keywords in your bio
  • You can add a little personalized message in your bio as well.

5. Get Verified On Twitter

Although it might not be an easier job to get verified on Twitter. However, you can still try to get verified if you are an influencer or a small business start-up.

Getting verified on Twitter separates your account from any fakes who might be trying to copy your content. In addition, you are also better recognized by the Twitter algorithm and your posts are likely to be in the top trends of tags and keywords. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it safe to buy Twitter Followers?

Yes, it is completely safe to buy Twitter followers to get an engagement boost on your newbie account. Keep in mind that the Twitter followers should be real and active so that you don’t get in any trouble with Twitter. 

How to increase Twitter Followers on New Account?

You can increase your Twitter followers on your newbie account by buying Twitter followers from Boosthill and never regret your decision. Once you have a healthy audience then you will also need to focus on sharing positive and creative content with them.

Are Retweets Important on Twitter?

Although when retweeting someone’s content you are promoting their page! However, you are also creating an online relationship with that account who might notice you retweeting their content. In this way, that Twitter page might decide to retweet your content as well or they might decide to follow you as well.

How to increase followers on Twitter?

Besides all the obvious tips and tricks that we have shared with you; keep in mind that the engagement on your account depends on the sort of content that you share. Make sure that your content is relevant and useful so that people will retweet it as soon as you upload it. 


Twitter is an underrated platform when it comes to promoting your content and interacting with your audience. As more influencers tend to focus on Instagram; Twitter emerges as an underrated platform where you can build an unmatchable audience. All you need is to apply tricks of how to increase Twitter followers and you’re good to go. This is it from us today! Feel free to share this article if you liked it.